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  • George Richman
    ... From: George Richman Date: Tue, May 14, 2013 at 4:08 PM Subject: Taking the Under To: Ghost of Patriots Past I m
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      From: George Richman <patswingr@...>
      Date: Tue, May 14, 2013 at 4:08 PM
      Subject: Taking the Under
      To: Ghost of Patriots Past <chiz3914@...>

      I'm talking about players who are some combination of underdogs, and under the radar. These are guys I'm going to be rooting for in camp, just because I have a gut feeling (or maybe it's just something I ate) that they have a chance to surprise a lot of people; especially those outside of the Patriot Nation. My feelings are based only on a bit of video, an interview or two, and a few comments I've read about them. Definitely no "in depth study". With that caveat in place, I'm taking the under on:

      WR T.J. Moe - I like what I see of this guy in the highlight films; and I'm impressed by his attitude and intelligence in the interviews that the team has posted. I really do see Welker-like qualities in him. 

      TE Zach Sudfeld - As I said in my last note, I think that the recovery status of Gronk and Hernandez may give this guy a chance to start, or at least get a lot of snaps, very early in the season. He was a stud, with major production, in the small Nevada program. He has the size, and, from what I see in interviews, that attitude and intelligence combo to make the big step up. 

      DT Armond Armstead - The release of Deaderick adds to my feeling that Armstead is going to produce big time in the middle of D-line. He's been virtually ignored by the media, even in NE. But his production at USC, prior to being downed by his heart concern, and in the CFL make me believe that he's ready for the NFL. 

      RB LeGarrette Blount - Most are writing this off as a "depth" signing. I think we're going to see a lot more than that from this big guy. In one way, I hope I'm wrong. Because I really like Ridley's speed and moves. I'm hoping that he can continue to improve, because I think he has the potential to be an All Pro RB. If that happens, then Blount won't be much more than a short yardage, short term, RB for the Patriots.

      S Duron Harmon - He may be the ultimate underdog. Everybody but BB seems to think he was drafted much higher than he deserved, with some saying he shouldn't have been drafted at all. I liked his handling of it all in interviews. I hope he becomes the next Lawyer Milloy ... on the field, that is. 

      C Matt Stankiewitch - I'm not a big fan of Wendell. He's just "OK", IMO. I'd love to see the Penn State kid push Wendell out of his starting spot, and become a stud C for years to come. He's another guy whose interview impressed me. 

      DL Jason Vega - OK. There's nothing here but bias. He graduated from my Alma Mater, Northeastern. One of the last to play there before they dropped football. GO HUSKIES!  

      (This is another one I'll be storing in my file to look back on late in the season.)
      -- George

      -- George
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