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Day Two Draft Recap

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  • Mark Morse
    WTF ... that was my immediate reaction when the Pats at #52 drafted Jamie Collins DE/OLB Southern Miississippi!  It s a typical reaction that I get every
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2013
      WTF ... that was my immediate reaction when the Pats at #52 drafted Jamie Collins DE/OLB Southern Miississippi!  It's a typical reaction that I get every draft when Bill Belichick makes pick that just baffles me!  What the hell do I know.  I was looking at under performing LB Zaviar Gooden and overlooked the productive Collins.  Thats is probably becaose Collins played on a bad team.  Collins is a converted Safety, stands 6' 3"+ and 250#'s.  He is fast off the edge and runs a 4.6 40.  His 21 career sacks at Southern Miss says that is productive.  I find out later that BB worked him out himself.
      The other 2nd round pick No 59 gives us a big target WR Aaron Dobson from Marshall.  We have had some good fortune with WR from Marshall (Troy Brown and Randy Moss).  Although not extremly fast, Dobson will catch everything thrown to him.  He has an excellent week of work at the North / South Shrine game.  Dobson ran in the low 4.4's at his pro day.  What impressed coaches at his Pro Day is that he caught everything thrown to him, in a snow storm.  That bodes well for playing in New England.  BB also called him smart, which should help him grasp the complex passing game here.
      There was a run on DB's that started with my binky Darius Slay going early in the 2nd.  I thought we would make a play for Jamar Taylor CB Boise St with our 1st pick in 2nd (#52).  Some draft projections had Taylor going in the first round.  As the third round moved on and more DB's were selected I thought we might move in another direction and take on OC/OG.  My two favorites are Brian Scwenke and Barrett Jones.  So what does the Croatian Warload do, he drafts a CB from Rutgers, Logan Ryan.  Come to find out that Ryans had one of the 3 cone drills at the combine (6.69).  Lets put that into perspective, Edelman 6.67, Ebert 6.71, Branch 6.70.  
      But the frosting on the cake came when, with the 59th pick, and while both my OC/OGs are still on the board, BB takes a player that nobody except Mike Mayock and Shalise-Manza Young know anything about.  Mayock stated that every time he went to look at film on Logan Ryans, he kept seeing S Duron Harmon making plays.  Still he was definitely an UDFA type.  Team loves his high charecter and leadership abilities.  he plays hard all the time.   Best line of the night came from Herld's Jeff Howe " I know more about Te'o's Girlfriend than I do about Harmon.  Shalize Manza - Young was told while she was at the combine that Harmon was probably getting selected by New England.  Note (Harmon was not invited to the combine).  
      We have the 5th pick tomorrow.  I wouldn't be surprised by a trade of this pick to get more picks.  I like both centers, RB Marcus Lattimore, WR Kenny Stills and little known DE Catapano from Princeton on day two.  Late round picks could be Luke Marquardt OT at Azuza Pacific, WR Marquess Wilson Oregon St, RB Robbie Rouse Fresno St and Miguel Maysonet from Stony Brook.      
      Mark Morse
      Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup
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