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Re: [patriotzip] Wes who?

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  • George Richman
    Absolutely great article! Thanks for sending it, Frank. I totally agree with everything Byrne had to say in his opening paragraphs; and I think there are many
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 18, 2013
      Absolutely great article! Thanks for sending it, Frank.

      I totally agree with everything Byrne had to say in his opening paragraphs; and I think there are many Patriots fans out there who are with me on that. However, the facts he presented in those "10 reasons" drove me over the top on that agreement. 

      (By the way, I'm too lazy to do the research, but I'd love to know what player(s) made the difference in the 2006 Defensive Passer Rating. Notice how it stands out! And the natural follow up question is ... why the regression in 2007? Anybody got any research on that?)

      Now, I have to point out that, while my glasses are not rose colored, they do have a slight rosy tint to them, at this point. Here are my 3 reason why.

      1. YOUTH - 30 players on the current, pre-draft, roster have 3 or less years of NFL experience. 16 of those have 2 or less. And that includes 6 very promising defensive 2nd year players (DEs Chandler, Bequette, and Francis; LB Hightower; CB Dennard; S Wilson); plus the two outstanding young DLs from the CFL (Armstead and Vega). Then look at other very young (4 yrs or less) D players who've given us at least some level of reason for hope that they have major upside potential - DEs C. Jones and Cunningham; DLs Deaderick and Love, LBs Spikes, Fletcher, Rivera and Tarpinian; CBs Dennard and Dowling. This is a very young defense. I see a lot of reason for optimism there.

      2. PASS RUSH - Unlike most, I am not at the near panic mode over the pass rush situation. That youth at DE that I noted above leads me to be far less concerned about pass rush potential than most seem to be. Add one more vet (Freeney?) or talented draft pick (?), and think our front 7 could easily be championship caliber this year. ... I said "could". All depends on just how much those young players progress. In particular, I'm enthused about development of Chandler from the outside, and, from what I've read of him, Armstead from the inside. And, of course, Ninko is still there if the guys up front give him the opportunity.  

      3. D BACKFIELD - What's wrong with a starting group of Talib and Dennard at the corners, and A.Wilson and McCourty at the safeties? Arrington is certainly more than capable as a slot DB. And with T. Wilson and Gregory as depth at safety, my only concern is for more depth at CB. As I've frequently stated, I'd like to see another vet signed there (Gamble or Jammer); and a CB as one of our top DPs. 

      So, given good coaching, I am going to keep the rosy tint in these glasses for now. This season, we could see, after too long an absence, a championship caliber defense that can shut down an opponent in critical situations; most important among those being the fourth quarter of close games. Get me Gamble and Freeney; add a top CB from the draft; and I see that happening. 

      On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 10:57 PM, frankdanabrewster <frank.dana@...> wrote:

      This article is a couple months old, so you may have already read it (I'm a little slow, sometimes). Kerry Byrne of CHFF applying his typical analysis to the loss of Welker. His conclusion? It just don't matter who the slot receiver is!

      His 10 reasons why the Pats made the right move...



      -- George
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