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My Take on the Offseason

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  • Levine, David
    OK, now that I have had some time to digest things, here is my take. Welker - this one actually physically hurt. He was my favorite player and was super
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2013
      OK, now that I have had some time to digest things, here is my take.
      Welker – this one actually physically hurt.  He was my favorite player and was super reliable.  Sucks to know that we missed out on it by only a little money.  Our offer had a bigger up side but Denver guaranteed 2 years and $12M.  We were not willing to do that.  Don’t know why as I think it would have been a bargain.  We read the market right but were unwilling to go up just a bit.
      Woodhead – This doesn’t really bother me too much.  I love the way the guy plays and the things he brought to the team.  I don’t know if he is that much better than Vereen who really impressed me last year.  We have so many people at the RB slot that I think losing Woodhead was inevitable. 

      Amondola – I love this guy.  Just wish he could stay healthy.  Both injuries were big time though (dislocated elbow and broken collarbone) and not the hamstring or groin that show someone isn’t really ready to play.  He is bigger and faster than Wes and has better hands.  He doesn’t know the system and we don’t know if he thinks like Brady.  Wes did that so well.  Time will tell.
      Arrington – solid slot CB and we were able to sign him at a good price.  Glad he is coming back.
      Talib – offered a multi-year contract but he turned it down.  Saved a bunch by not franchising him and should get his best with FA again next year.  I think BB read the market exactly right on this one.
      Wilson – he is older but still a solid player.  IF he can give us 2 years like Rodney, we have the perfect situation.  He’s a smart vet who plays and hits hard.  Looking for that 30/30 level (INT/Sacks) which he is just shy of.  Should be the starter next to McCourty.
      Seabass – now that Jake Long has set the market cap, Seabass will be next.  We know what a top level LT will get so 76 should come in a little less.  Both he and Andre Smith were waiting for Long to make a deal.  All 3 have the same agent so things should move quicker now.
      Svitek – solid depth at both tackle spots.  Good pass blocker.  We were a little light in the tackle spot so he adds to the roster.  Isn’t brought in to take over or replace anyone.  Simply insurance for an injury or for a rotation if someone needs a rest.
      Jones – Its funny.  Pats fans are complaining about signing someone not good enough to play for Buffalo.  Bills fans are complaining about not keeping someone good enough to play for the Pats.  Everything I heard was that he was a cap casualty and didn’t fit the new O scheme.  Too rich for the Bills to tender so they let him walk.  Working on his hands and has shown improvement. He is a bigger guy who can battle for the ball.  Could be a good player for us.  Short money so it’s no great loss if he doesn’t pan out.
      Washington – I would have rather had Cribbs as a return guy but Leon was a close second.  Takes care of punt and kickoff duties.  We were dreadful at kickoffs last year and needed an upgrade.  Though he’s a bit older, he still can be very effective as a return specialist.
      Edelman – I would like to keep him but not at a huge dollar value. He is a fantastic punt returner and a ST ace.  He hasn’t been able to stay healthy to really tell what he can do in the passing game.  He could be another Welker type and has value to us.
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