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  • Susan Moore
    Good analysis Mark!! I was upset too, but with me I just go ahead and bomb right in and vent here because it s a safe harbor. Good first half and what
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 24, 2013
      Good analysis Mark!! I was upset too, but with me I just go ahead and bomb right in and vent here because it's a safe harbor.
      Good first half and what surprises me is that BB is so good at adjusting during the halftime break. Sometimes we just don't get what we want as far as the coaching goes, with regard to that aggressive game plan...sigh.
      Next year!!!!
      As much as it pains me (longtime Rams fan), I'm going to have to go with the 49ers this time. Don't think that I can stomach Ray Lewis with his major background flaws winning a second time.
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      I watched the replay of the game and came away with these observations.  I refused to get into the discussion immediately after the game because I was so upset.  Rather, I took a break and watched the tape to see what really happened.  Here is what I found.
      1st qtr
      This was an outstanding Quarter for the Patriots considering they were going into the wind.  I didn’t like the fact that we left 4 points on the table by not scoring a TD and settling for a FG.  That was a win for the Ravens D.  But we moved the ball and then stalled because of poor decisions by Brady.  Welker looked like he should have had that long pass on the opening drive.  No completions to the BAL WR in the 1st quarter and we bottled up Ray Rice for the most part.  We won the field position game for the most part.  Kyle Love and Aqib Talib get hurt.  I said it at the time the Talib injury was going to kill us and it did.  BAL knew all the keys and terminology of our “Blitz” offense and we eventually gave up on it after a couple of key stops by BAL. 
      2n Quarter
      Flacco dink and dunks his way for a 13 play drive for a go ahead TD.  BAL goes no huddle forcing Spikes to stay on the field.  Spikes played 60 of 72 defensive plays.  The backs and TE’s abused Spikes all afternoon.   Hightower and Mayo were not much better.  The goat of the game was Steve Gregory …. He couldn’t catch a cold in a meat locker!  He was abysmal.  Poor tackling, wrong angles.  Patriots come back with a TD of their own to go back in front.  A fumble by the BAL FB trickles harmlessly out of bounds.  Then they hold BAL to three and out and have 2:42 on the clock and great return by Welker puts the ball on the BAL 45.  Perfect … Brady runs the ball and wastes time and doesn’t try and get another play off before the 2:00 warning.  A big pass play to Hernandez gets the ball down to around the 10, but for some reason Hernandez doesn’t try and get out of bounds.     However with 26 seconds left I turn to Greg and say that enough time for  “three pass plays to the end zone if we need it”.  For some unknown reason Brady decides to run.  Hey Tom there was a reason why you were not selected until the 199th selection in the draft.  Your forty time was worse than nearly all of the OLineman at the combine.  You slide and can’t get back to run another play, forced to call the last TO for the FG.  A blown opportunity and another win for the Ravens defense and momentum heading into the half. 13-7 Pats
      Note – Brady and Pats were 67-0 when leading at half at Gillette!  Only 1 catch by Ravens WR in 1st half.
      3rd Quarter
      We chose to kick into the wind to get the wind in the 4th qtr.  Big mistake.   Boldin had no catches in the 1st half and had 5 in the second half against Cole and McCourty.  Second play from scrimmage a 26 yd reception against Cole.  Welker’s big drop on third down was a killer.  Arrington misses an INT … no playmakers.     No call against Torrey Smith for offensive pass interference.   Rice has a big screen pass with very bad tackling.  Boldin pass against Cole for 12 yds to Pats 10 yard line.  Pitta TD one on one against Gregory pitiful coverage by Gregory. 
      3rd and 2 completion to Woodhead for the 1st down called back for holding on Solder, the only holding call in the entire game.   What appeared to be offsides on Spikes was actually on Ninkovich for lining up offsides.   Levy never indicated who was offsides.  BAL able to run in 3rd quarter.    TD to Boldin over McCourty. 
      4th quarter
      Ridley fumble was a back breaker.   Scott loses containment allowing Flacco to run for 20.   Boldin over Cole for TD with no help from Gregory.  Vereen drop was more a bad pass by Brady.  Threw it behind him.  Why wasn’t Woodhead in there.  Woodhead makes that catch a week before.   Patriots should have kicked FG rather than go for it on 4th down.  Patriots hold BAL on 3 downs.  McKinnie hold not called.  Ninkovich pressure caused the 3 and out. 
      Next play tipped ball and game over. 
      Patriots had three trips inside 25 and had one TD.  Two punts from the 35.  Defense couldn’t get off the field.  BB and McDaniel played this game from a foxhole and didn’t play to win.  They were not aggressive enough. 

      Mark Morse
      Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup

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