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Re: [patriotzip] All things must pass...

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  • Susan Moore
    Interesting article---not sure I agree with all of it. The title is sort of dramatic because I don t think that the mystique is smashed for the final time, but
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 24, 2013
      Interesting article---not sure I agree with all of it. The title is sort of dramatic because I don't think that the mystique is smashed for the final time, but it was for this year. This is their final time for this "dynasty"?? I think not--but it's always risky to even say the word dynasty regarding a team that's had success. The true meaning of the word is a period in which a certain family reigns. SO, we're still in there as far as that goes--winning the division consistently, making the playoffs, always being around.
      Saying that the successes of the regular seasons are giving Brady statistics but that's all--really? Overall he has 3 Super Bowl rings so that puts him in rarefied air. I think that the problem with this is that the more they won in the past, the more we expected from them and when they didn't deliver the ultimate prize it became a failure. PP for example was supposed to be a dynastic player and the stat gods gave him all of that and blah, blah but how many SBs does he have? One....How many World Series did the Braves get while winning 14 division titles in a ROW? One....was that a failure or was it a dynasty? Probably a little of both.
      Does ANY team have that 67-1 home record when leading at 1/2 time? That is almost mind-blowing, so the one loss is a failure. NO, not in my opinion.
      I do think that we need to have more balance and we do need to do some tweeking of the team and the strategy and game plans for sure. Maybe BB and TB should have a session with a sports psychologist--just saying?
      As much as it pains me to see the constant Harbough bros hype, I'll take it any day over the Manning bros hype. It said that these Harboughs have more SB titles than the Pats--which ones?
      Honestly ( and not just fan loyalty)--I think that they have more in them to win another one. It has to be one year at a time and not lumping all of the years in one pot and saying it's completely drained.
      Some teams have a great year and maybe win a Super Bowl and then fade, so the pressure fades with them and then they aren't labelled a dynasty. With the consisten success of the Pats comes pressure to always win and it becomes a vicious cycle.
      I think that it can be broken and we have alot left...hope you all didn't doze off...lol!!!
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      Interesting article by Kerry Byrne (who's opinion I respect, and I'm pretty sure he's a Pats fan by nature). Over the past couple seasons, ending in losses in big post-season games, there has been talk of "the end of the dynasty". Byrne seems convinced that this time, it is.

      Interesting discussion of the change in philosophy from the 2001-2006 Pats, to the 2007-present Pats, and the declining big-game performance from TB. What do you think?.



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