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Re: [patriotzip] Well, that sucked

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  • George Richman
    BB was coaching not to lose . As Rich said, not going for it on TWO occasions, in very different situations in terms of the score, was not an example of how
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 21, 2013
      BB was coaching "not to lose". As Rich said, not going for it on TWO occasions, in very different situations in terms of the score, was not an example of how to coach in the playoffs. Hell, a good KO return can give the opponent the ball outside their 35 yard line. I can see it against Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers; but not against the Ravens. Much, much too conservative on those decisions. 

      On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 2:57 AM, Susan Moore <scmoore90@...> wrote:

      Hey Rich,
      You summed it up well--not much that I can add. I'm also extremely disappointed as well and I think that it's because we expect so much from our current dynasty. SO many teams don't have 3 SB wins in recent years on their resume, not to mention other SB appearances and AFC championship games too. We want that 4th ring for Brady, but then he's still way ahead of many that play the game for years and don't get anything (Tony Gonzales for example or Dan Marino).
      I try SO HARD to put it in that perspective and sometimes I even succeed...lol! Today it stings so the perspective is a little bit blurry, to say the least.
      We do have the tools, but you're right about that "monkey on our backs" with illness, injury, etc at the wrong times. I know that's sometimes part of the game...sigh. We were wondering if Talib was the right fit for our team and turns out he is, but then down he goes.
      Do you think that BB lacked an aggressive game plan or what was wrong there?
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      Subject: [patriotzip] Well, that sucked


      Very disappointed, not just by the loss but by the manner of

      True, once Talib went down I figured the defense would start
      giving up big plays eventually, but I didn't expect the
      offense would be that bad.

      I didn't like the punting from the Baltimore 35, I can
      understand about the wind with respect to not trying for
      field goals, but I would have preferred going for it, even
      on 4th and 7. I think the chance of maintaining possession
      is worth the 15-25yd of field position (especially once
      Talib was out).

      I didn't understand why Vereen wasn't used more to try to
      put more stress on the Baltimore defense.

      I didn't understand why there wasn't more play-action and
      other misdirection to try to capitalize on Baltimore's

      I didn't understand some of the playcalls on 3rd-and-short
      to look 10-15yd downfield.

      Don't get me started on the end of the first half, beginning
      from when Hernandez foolishly didn't go out of bounds when
      he easily could have.

      And a couple more key drops from Welker.

      As for the defense, I understand that without Talib and
      Baltimore switching to 3 WRs that forced Cole to come in and
      made it hard in the secondary, but that doesn't excuse the
      bad tackling and inability to cover even short stuff.

      I am (re-)convinced that the Pats have to get some kind of
      deep receiver. Doesn't have to be the guy who gets open
      50yd downfield. But they need someone who can get open
      20-30yd downfield to open things up against defenses like

      Not to mention some depth at corner. True, Talib got
      injured, but you can't be in a position where a single
      injury runs the entire secondary. Backups don't have to be
      all-stars, but at least some of them have got to be better
      than total scrubs.

      I wonder what they will do with Welker. I am NOT one of
      those people who says to let him go because of key drops,
      but since the team clearly wants to run a TE-centric offense,
      and the TEs often operate in the same part of the field where
      Welker does, I wonder if it would make sense to let Welker
      go (or tag & trade) and use the resources to pick up a more
      complementary receiving asset.

      And aside from any of that, it also sucks that we can't
      catch a playoff break re: injuries. No Gronk this year.
      No Gronk last year. Brady and OL hurt in 2007 Superbowl.
      Stomach flu in 2006 AFCCG. Sigh.

      Rich Carreiro rich@...

      -- George
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