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Re: [patriotzip] Re: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Texans part Deux)

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  • Susan Moore
    Thanks for the link...I ll check that out!! I know--you re preaching to the choir here...love the coach and I know the questions can sometimes seem idiotic.
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      Thanks for the link...I'll check that out!!
      I know--you're preaching to the choir here...love the coach and I know the questions can sometimes seem idiotic.
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      Susan, I hope that you've checked out some of the video on Patriots.com of BB's play analysis, and one-on-one interviews with the Patriots media people. If not, you should do so. He's so different when he's talking "technical" football, and dealing with just one person. He clearly hates press conferences because; #1 he's not a media hog, and #2 he has no patience for the dozens of inane, cliche questions that are always thrown out at such events. He is incomparably serious about his job; and he does not like wasting time on superfluous activities like press conferences. 

      On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 9:23 AM, Susan Moore <scmoore90@...> wrote:

      Did you see BB's press conference after the game? He looked solemn as usual and said that they had some good plays and some good downs or whatever. Also said that they'd enjoy this win and then get on with the next one. Really? Love the guy, but if that's how he "enjoys" the game with a face that looks like death warmed over...lol!! I know it's his way of doing things and he was probably already racing to see how he's going to counteract the Ravens trash talk and their "let's win another for the retiree" and etc.
      GO BB--plan for the victory and then you can fist-pump around 9:30 p.m. or so on the 3rd!!! Not sure what the time difference is for the game. GO PATS!!!
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      Good stuff as always, Dave.

      Watching Ninkovich out there, just reminds me of Vrabel. Waiting for him to be tackle eligible inside the 5 someday.

      I'm sure Talib will be one-on-one with Torrey Smith this Sunday. Hope he handles him as well as he did Johnson.

      You're right about Chung's game. Probably why he has all those shoulder problems.

      That shot of BB after the Vereen TD catch was priceless. So typical. Didn't bother me. He probably congratulated him after the game.

      I read that the Broncos-Ravens game was the first game in NFL or AFL history to be tied after each of 5 quarters of play. The meaningless stat of the year. LOL!


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, "Levine, David" wrote:
      > The Good
      > - McCourty made the play of the game by running down Manning on the opening kickoff. We give up a TD and we are hurting. Holding to a FG was the best thing that could have happened. Not only do we save 4 points but we also show the Texans that nothing will be easy. Also it puts doubt into the Houston mindset that they can't score in the red zone.
      > - Brady is now the winningest QB in post season history passing Montana. Not a bad day for the man either. Over 350 and 3 TDs with 0 turnovers.
      > - Wilfork owned the middle of the field. Why do teams run at him? Houston tried over and over and couldn't get anywhere. Running at Wilfork is like running at a Volkswagen.
      > - Ninkovich is so important to this team. He makes all the plays. The superman tackle on Foster on the little dump off from the end zone was great. "I'm really small.no I'm big" is how Ninkovich duped Schaub into mis-reading the zone blitz and throwing the pick. 50 drops back and stays low. Just as the pass is thrown, opens to his full height and takes the ball away.
      > - Welker made an amazing 1 handed catch down the sideline. Watch the defender. He was in position but pulls back at the last second to prevent the pass interference. Problem was, Welker still caught the ball and rand on down the field. He was all over the place and took quite a few shots but still kept coming.
      > - Talib played a whale of a game against one of the best WRs in the league. Johnson had his catches but didn't really do much damage. Talib was right there all game. The play on Foster to almost stop the 4th down pitch was fantastic and his attempt at the 2 point conversion was very good too. Just came up a little short.
      > - I like that our DBs tackle and don't go for the big hit. That is one of the weaknesses of Chung. I like that they stick their nose in and wrap up instead of just hitting. Witness the 2 big Foster runs before the end of the half. 20 yards up the middle and McCourty takes him head on. 15 yards off tackle and again we take him on.
      > - Hernandez made some great plays in the open field. We are going to need him.
      > - Vereen had a hell of a game. 3 TDs and a wonderful catch. He took over for Woodhead and we didn't miss a beat. He had 1 blitz pickup that saved Tom's life.
      > - Ridley ran hard all game and really made some underrated plays.
      > - The final drive of the game for the FG. We get the ball needing to take time off the clock. 9 plays, 27 yards and 4 minutes later, we are kicking an easy FG. We were not afraid to pass to get the first down which we do twice (holding on the first and a completion on the 2nd). Contrast Denver in the Ugly.
      > - How about that Mankins pull block on the Ridley TD? Textbook.
      > - Nice to see Tony Gonzalez finally get a playoff win. He's too good a player to not win one.
      > The Bad
      > - Gronk is done. We lose a ton without him. Hooman is just as good a blocker in the run game but he isn't the same threat downfield. Someone will need to step up in the passing game though.
      > - Our kick coverage was pathetic. We need to work on that this week. Something was very different from the past
      > - Woodhead breaks a finger and may not be available next week. He is a key cog to this passing attack but I do like the way Vereen plays so it's not that huge of a loss.
      > - Jones tweaked his ankle and didn't play the second half. Francis took over and played well but he isn't the same caliber rusher as Jones. Not a huge loss but it does affect the depth of the team.
      > The Ugly
      > -The refs. Overall, one of, if not the worst officiated game I have ever witnessed. Calling a 15 yard penalty on Lloyd for flipping the ball back to the ref. He did it underhand just a little hard. If the ref had any hands and caught it, no problem. The spot on Foster's 2nd down run before the controversial score gave Houston a full yard. His knee was down at the 2 but the ball was spotted at the 1. The 3rd down run when they ruled a TD. It really looked short to me. How about calling forward progress stopped when the ball was stripped and Wilfork recovered. That was a very quick whistle. Since all turnovers are replayed, shouldn't they go to replay to determine that? How about the 4th down spot? Foster looked a little short to me. The Ridley run later in the game. He hits a scrum and as the big boys come in to push the pile forward 4 more yards, the whistle blows to stop forward progress. How about the timeout before the half with no time left on the clock. Maybe this is a little over the top and looking at it with rose colored glasses but I can understand having one or two calls go against you but every one of them?
      > -BB's reaction to Vereen's great TD catch. He's on the sideline talking to t he D, Brady launches a perfect ball to Vereen who makes a fantastic catch to pretty much ice the game. BB looks up, sees the celebration and goes back to coaching. Doesn't even break a smile. Come on man, show a little emotion.
      > -The Spikes "Electric Boogey" after the "fumble."
      > - Up by a TD late in the game with a HOF QB. 2 first downs with the game. Run twice for big chucks for a 1st down. Run again for 1 yard. Run again for 2 yards. 3rd and 7 and run again? Punt with over a minute remaining.
      > - 3rd and 3, up by a TD with 30 seconds to go. The D just can't let anyone behind them. 70 yard bomb and the ball game is tied.
      >  All tied with 31 seconds to go. HOF QB. 2 timeouts. What do you do? Of course take a knee and lose in OT.
      > - 19 seconds to go in Atlanta down by 1 and 2 plays for 42 yards a 11 seconds later, they are kicking the winning field goal.
      > - The Atlanta kicker should learn the difference between the onsides kick and a squib kick. Why give the Seahawks any opportunity to score with 8 seconds to go? Oh, that's right. Pete Carrol is the coach.
      > - 2 seconds to go. Instead of trying a 65 yard field goal to win, let's just throw up a hail Mary that had no prayer of being completed. Give the kicker a shot. If he doesn't have the leg, give the punter a try. Anything other than the hail Mary.
      > - Ravens Ayanbadejo tweeted that "New England does some suspect stuff on offense. Can't really respect it. Comparable to a cheap shot b4 a fight." "Are you watching the game pats vs. Texans?" "If so you see the hurry snap offense catch em b4 they set up. It's a gimmick." Um, that's football dude. Take advantage when the other team isn't ready. Get a clue. Oh, and get ready for it on Sunday cause you'll get to see it up close and personal.
      > Dave

      -- George

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