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NE controlls their fate for a bye!!!

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      Date: 12/9/2002 9:15 AM Eastern Standard Time
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      If NE runs the table, they are assured no worse than a #2 seed..that means a
      first round bye and a home play-off game.(just like last year)  To get the
      #1 seed Oak would have to lose 2 out of their next 3(@Mia, Den, KC)  and SD
      would have to lose 1 out of their next 3(@buff, @KC, Sea)

      We win out over Pitt and Tenn because of better overall record, and beat out
      Indy because of better common opp winning %

      Believe it or not, NE is in better shape than last year, they control their
      own destiny for the bye.  Last year, about 5 or 6 things had to fall in
      place to get the bye..it actually was quite amazing.

      Yesterday's only downside was the hated Jets' victory.  Should we end up with the same W-L record even if we BEAT the Jets in 2 weeks, we are out because of the tiebvreaker - common opponents W-L.  Jets beat the guys we lost to...SD, Denv.

      -philw (just WIN OUT baby!)

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