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Re: [patriots] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Texans)

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  • Mark Morse
    David,   I would add one more to the Good pile ....   Danny Woodhead made one heck of a blitz pickup against a LB twice his size.  He stuffed him right in
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 11, 2012
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      I would add one more to the Good pile ....
      Danny Woodhead made one heck of a blitz pickup against a LB twice his size.  He stuffed him right in the hole and never gave an inch, stopping him in his tracks.  A little thing but when adding up all those little things and you have a dominating win!
      Mark Morse
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      The Good
      - Stallworth's one handed grab for the score was great.  It happened just as I was going to write down that we should stop throwing deep.
      - Slater drew at least 2 penalties on special teams.  It's the little things that we sometimes overlook in games like this.
      - The play fakes we had were incredible. We ran the stretch fake 3 different times.  First was a bomb to Lloyd, next was a pass to Hernandez and 3rd was a pass to Welker.  Same design, 3 different routs out of it.
      - Was there any doubt that Brady wanted this game?  Look as his reaction after the Lloyd TD and then after the first down run.  The man hates to lose.  His control was evident when Hernandez went in motion and Stallworth was supposed to.  Brady got them to stop, reset, and then sent Stallworth in motion. 
      - MVP?  Unless AP gets the record (which he very well could), Brady has to be the choice over Manning.
      - McCourty played the INT perfectly and was in position throughout the game.
      - Dennard played very well against a great receiver in Johnson.
      - Did anyone hear Owen Daniels's name called?  Great D.
      - Vince is having his best year.  He rarely comes off the field and dominates when he is in there.
      - We sent 5 guys more than I have ever seen us and it worked.  We only got 2 sacks but Mayo hit Schaub multiple times just as he was throwing it, never letting him set his feet and step into the throw.  What  a job.
      - JJ Watt didn't have a sack but he hit Brady more than anyone else.  The hustle to chase down Woodhead was impressive.  BB hunted him down after the game and said something to him.  I don't think he had a batted pass or a sack either.
      - I love the "kick down the door" celebration by Ridley and also like the "make it rain" by Hernandez.  Foster's bow is pretty good too.
      - A couple of 4th down stops were big for us.  Arrington broke up the first one and then pressure on the 2nd forced a bad throw.
      - The D was there all night long and really only lost it for 1 drive in the 3rd quarter.  Other than that, they were fantastic against a very good O.
      - Hoomanawanui continues to play a great FB for us.  Great seal block on the Ridley TD.
      - Up 3 TDs in the 4th Q and we put together another drive that eats up the clock by running the ball and ending it with a TD.  Impressive.
      - Nice to get the guys healthy again.  C Jones played along with Mankins and Connolly.

      The Bad
      - Maybe you should cover Hernandez.  Just sayin.  It's not like it's Welker out there.  Hernandez is 6-1, 245, not a small man.
      - Talib got hurt on a nice play to break up a pass.  I hope it's just precautionary that he didn't come back in.  He has been playing great.  Fozzie tweaked a hammy and then Arrington gets hit by his own guy.  3 CBs down is tough.
      - When a D doesn't work, maybe you should change it.  Brady comes up to the line, sees man coverage, checks out of the run into shotgun and makes the play.  He looked giddy at times knowing that he had the perfect play for the D.
      - Welker dropped a couple that he should have had.  Not a bad time to have an off night.
      - I wasn't impressed by the officials.  PI on Hernandez was non-existent and it killed a drive for us.  PI on Manning when he hit Welker was also a bogus call.
      - Spikes still looks lost in pass coverage.
      - There were a couple of mental breakdowns.  Too many men penalty and then having to call time out with too many men.  We also looked lost on a couple of other sets as well but we managed.

      The Ugly
      - Bob Bellichick?  Really? Trump is even a bigger idiot that I gave him credit for.
      - All night, the announcers were lamenting how the Houston O wasn't the same because they lost their 2nd TE.  Um, they do realize that we lost probably the best TE in the league and continue to motor right along.
      - "Walk it off, Santa"
      - RG3's leg.  It's not supposed to bend that way, is it?
      - It was warmer in Foxborough (59) than it was in Houston (47).


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