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Re: [patriotzip] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Bye Week)

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  • Susan Moore
    THANKS!! It s not the same without it, even with a bye. Yeah, the seeding will be tough this year. Have to say that, even with the seeding, I was still rooting
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      THANKS!! It's not the same without it, even with a bye.
      Yeah, the seeding will be tough this year. Have to say that, even with the seeding, I was still rooting for the Steelers--just can't stand to see the Giants win at all.
      Wonder if stage-mom Archie has some of the refs in his pocket...lol?
      Was hoping you wouldn't confirm that the Falcons are THAT good--there have been undefeated teams this time of year that have not done much after the season was over. Do you think that they will be in the SB? Possible against Chicago?
      I hope that it's us in the AFC and not against the Giants yet again.
      Do you think that RG-3 will be a standout player for the long haul? Luck also? Might be the wave of the future after TB, PP, DB (NO), etc.
      I'm heartsick over the lousy play of the Cowboys--my NFC team (along with the lowly Rams)--just disappointing for sure. Romo never lived up to any of his hype or talent or anything really.
      What does anyone think of Moss back in the NFL? Guess for his sake I hope his problems are gone.
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      I usually don’t do a GBU for the bye but by special request, I will send out an abbreviated one.
      The Good
      • Both Miami and Buffalo lose which always helps in the quest to win the division.  The Jets, on a bye, didn’t do anything stupid.
      • Atlanta.  They have as dangerous an offence as we do.  White, Jones and Gonzalez are as good as our receivers.  Ryan is developing into a stud.  Turner is still very effective.  Solid OL.  They are going to be tough to beat.
      • Andrew Luck.  What a performance.
      • Doug Martin.  Wow.
      • Ron Rivera saved his job, for at least one more week.
      • Anyone see the move AP made on the sideline as part of a 74 yard run.  He cut back into the field and made 2 defenders tackle each other.  I guess his knee is ok.
      • I like the Aqib Talib signing.  For a 4th rounder, we get a very good CB who will upgrade our team.  It’s a rent a player deal.  If he screws up, he’s gone.  Not a bad investment at this point in the year.
      The Bad
      • Houston, Denver, Baltimore and Pittsburgh all win which hurts us in the chase to be a top seed.
      • Tennessee had a performance that could have gone on the ugly side but Chicago’s D is that good.  They are just plain bad.
      • Who loses their job first, Pat Shurmer or Romeo Crennel?
      The Ugly
      • Officials did everything they could to give the Giants a win but alas, couldn’t make it happen. First, a forward pass that was called a fumble by Roethlesshamburger.  Then on the return, a clear block in the back that was ignored.  Later, a blow to the head when the defensive player hit the guy in the shoulder/chest area.  Too bad the Steelers won but that was just bad.
      • Dallas and Romo suck.  They have nothing.  Receivers dropping passes, defense that can’t stop the run when they know it’s coming.  Worst of all, however, was the final play call.  Needing a TD and about 65 yards away, instead of throwing the Hail Mary, they run the hook and lateral.  Not a bad call but you need both parts of the play to be successful.  The hook part worked, completing a 35 yard pass.  Problem was the lateral part was nonexistent as no one was near the receiver.  Tackled and the game was over.
      • Michael Vick is blaming the media for the Eagles problems. Says it gives the team too much to think about.  How about just thinking about the play book and running what you practice.  Unless you practice throwing to the D or just dropping the ball on the ground.  If that’s the case, you are doing a great job.

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