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Re: [patriots] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (J-E-T-S)

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  • George Richman
    I agree with all of your Good comments, Dave. I just want to further support your note on Mesko. The value of a having a dependable punter who can use
    Message 1 of 17 , Oct 23, 2012
      I agree with all of your "Good" comments, Dave. I just want to further
      support your note on Mesko. The value of a having a dependable punter
      who can use distance, hang time, and accuracy, as required by the
      situation, is not recognized as much as it should be. So nice to have
      that back with Mesko back there. I hated the constant punting
      struggles for the several years before they drafted him.

      I also have to loudly applaud the 'throwback' uniforms. I will never
      stop feeling that THIS is look of your New England Patriots. I wish
      they'd scrap the "Flying Elvis", along with the "meaningless" blue and
      silver colors; and go back to being "Patriots", with red, white, and
      blue! (OOPS! I hope that isn't too "political".) :-)

      In the "Bad" list, First, I totally agree with you on the consistently
      inconsistent, and overall ineffective, soft zone defense. It is
      clearly not working. Where do the Patriots stand in pass defense, and
      overall defense? 'Nuff said! I very much want to see them go to
      mostly M2M, or at least a mix of M2M with some deep zone. But even
      more importantly, I want to see them add a lot more blitzing to the
      front 7 tactics. I've always been a strong proponent of a devastating
      pass rush. I want to see more stunts, and at least 1 LB coming from
      different areas on damn near every play. That was one thing I always
      respected about the old Eagles DC (was it Jim?) Johnson. You KNEW that
      the Eagles were going to put constant pressure on your QB. It really
      limited the play calling options of the opposing offense.

      On McCourty, I say keep him at safety, as I noted yesterday. He simply
      doesn't have the "turn around" skills needed for a CB. He has to have
      the play in front of him to be successful. Keep him at FS, with Chung
      (when healthy) at SS. Let Gregory or Wilson come in as the nickel
      (until Wilson gains experience). Best CBs, IMO, are Dennard and Moore,
      if they're allowed to play M2M.

      Also agree with you on all of your kickoff return points. Poor
      blocking for returns, and poor coverage on kickoffs. BB needs to
      consider a change at the ST Coaching position. It's been less than
      average for years. Scott O'Brien is not the answer there.

      Finally, I think you may recall that I was never a big fan of Josh
      McDaniels. Yes, he has some great play designs for the passing game.
      But I have never liked his play calling. I don't think he makes proper
      use of the running game. By that I mean that he doesn't call running
      plays at the right times; or call the right type (inside, off tackle,
      stretch, etc.) of run for the situation. IMO, he's a "passing
      coordinator", as opposed to a well-rounded Offensive Coordinator. I
      found some faults with Weiss, at times; but overall, I'd take him over
      McDaniels anytime. I'm not calling for his head, as is the case with
      DB Coach Boyer and ST Coach O'Brien. I'm just saying he's got some
      work to do on his overall play calling. (And I'm not suggesting any
      coaching changes at this point in the season. I'm not a proponent of
      changing horses in mid stream. I'd like to see Boyer and O'Brien
      replaced during the off season IF they can't significantly improve
      what's happening in their respective areas of responsibility.)

      Let's get a win in London Town, and enjoy a week off to let those
      lingering injuries to Gronk and Hernandez heal. We're a better
      offensive team than we can show right now, with neither of them at

      - George

      On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 12:35 AM, Levine, David <david-levine@...> wrote:
      > The Good
      > - Brady is still clutch. The final 2 drives, to tie and win were pretty good.
      > - Ghost is back to form. Both clutch kicks were huge. The 48 yarder was a bomb.
      > - Mesko was very good, hitting many punts inside the 20 and keeping the field position battle flipped to us.
      > - Vince blew up the run play causing the safety. He pushed his guy into the backfield and interrupted the handoff. Big play from a big man.
      > - Ninkovitch is an everywhere player. He rushes from the end, he covers from the linebacker, he run stops as an LB. Love the way he plays.
      > - Love the throwbacks.
      > - Vereen looked good in the limited action he had. Didn't realize he was so fast.
      > - McCourty played very well as a safety. He looks comfortable back there. With our top 2 guys hurt, we had to shuffle everyone around and he filled in nicely.
      > - Spikes absolutely unloaded on Green. It was completely legal and Green had no business getting back into the game as he looked unconscious when falling to the ground.
      > - Even without Mankins, our line held up well and 12 was only sacked once. They opened holes for the run game at times and held off a pretty good front 4 of the J-E-T-S.
      > The Bad
      > - Our secondary really needs a different plan. This soft zone is just not working. Receivers have way too long to search and find the holes. We need to either bring an extra rusher to force an earlier throw or change the coverage scheme to hold up the receivers more.
      > - I don't like McCourty as kick returner and the 104 yard TD doesn't change my mind. He just isn't fast enough (or decisive enough) to do the job. I watched Cincy the other night and Tate consistently brought the ball out to the 30 with a chance to break it almost every time. McCourty brings it to the 17 to 23 yard line every time. The fumble just reinforces my thought. Try Edelman. He is fearless on punt returns and makes quick decisions to get the extra yards.
      > - Why is it when we need to pin the other team deep on a kickoff or punt, the ball goes deep enough but we always blow the coverage to allow a big return. Happened again at the end of the game after a punt.
      > - I don't like the hurry up run on 3rd and short with Woodhead. I understand we are hoping to catch the D but Woodhead doesn't have the bulk to carry a player for the 1st down. I'd rather sub in Ridley (or Bolden when healthy) and then run a good play.
      > - I didn't think we controlled the pace in the second half like we did in the first. We went away from the hurry up for most of the half and never did the frantic pace. We were so effective with it against Buffalo and Denver. What happened?
      > - Lloyd looked out of step today. 2 drops for a guy who catches everything is not right. He hasn't been a bust but he certainly hasn't been a stud like we had hoped.
      > - I am not as down on the secondary as everyone else is as far as players. Our 2 of the 4 were out and we started a rookie who had seen little, if any, playing time. Get everyone healthy and see what we have first.
      > The Ugly
      > - Situational play calling is terrible. On the final drive before the half we are moving the ball and then go to a painfully slow flea-flicker. At the start of the 4th quarter, we run a slowly developing back side screen and this flare that didn't seem to be designed well.. We needed some points and we went to the gimmick. Turned out that the Jets scored instead and changed the entire game at the half. When we are trying to run out the clock, why throw a bomb?
      > - Being replaced by a Brady isn't bad. Ask Drew as that turned out fine. However, being replaced by a Brady Quinn? That's pretty bad.
      > - How does Lloyd get flagged for offensive PI when Curley does the same thing and there is no call? I think both were penalties, mind you, but you have to call them equally and I have yet to see an O PI called on the team we are playing.
      > Dave
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    • Levine, David
      The Good - 3 touchdowns in 52 seconds is pretty good. All 3 phases scored too. - 109 points in 5 days. Not a bad week of work. - Brady got his stuff together
      Message 2 of 17 , Nov 26, 2012
        The Good
        - 3 touchdowns in 52 seconds is pretty good. All 3 phases scored too.
        - 109 points in 5 days. Not a bad week of work.
        - Brady got his stuff together after a shaky start and really showed what he was worth. Listened to Boomer on the radio and he mentioned that Tom was throwing a lot on the sidelines trying to work something out. He certainly did.
        - Could you see how fired up 12 was? Every score was like a Super Bowl score. He was pissed that he missed Lloyd for a TD on a deep throw. "Crazy Legs" also had a rushing TD.
        - Vince might have played his best game as a Pat. He was completely dominant. He literally threw Brandon Moore (after beating the double team) back into Sanchez forcing a fumble.
        - We are now +24 in turnover differential with only 8 giveaways all season. That is +11 on Chicago who has only 1 more takeaway than us.
        - The patchwork OL played a great game, giving Brady all day to throw. No sacks and only the opening play of the game grounding call. 2 weeks in a row without a sack.
        - Vereen has some speed. Great play design on the wheel route. Welker went inside taking the defender and safety with him. Vereen runs nice and wide and motors down the sideline for a TD.
        - Gregory deserves special notice here. He played a whale of a game with an INT and 2 fumble recoveries plus the TD.
        - What a shock...McCourty caused another fumble.
        - What a shock...Ninkovitch has another recovery.
        - Nice to see Hernandez back on the field. He will need the rest of the season to get back into game shape before the playoffs but there is no need to rush it. We have enough weapons so he doesn't need to go wire to wire.
        - No better way to get BB his 200th win.
        - Dennard and Talib play all but 1 down and were solid all game. Both will only get better from here and could provide us with a big boost come playoff time.
        - Love the goal line stand in the 3rd quarter. Yes, the game was over but they still played tough and forced the turnover on downs.
        - It's good to have a nice Jewish boy perform some wholesome halftime music. I have always liked Lenny and his music.

        The Bad
        - A little miscommunication between Hoomanawanui and Ridley on the chop block in the EZ. It looked like a bad play design to try and pick up the blitzer up the middle after the play fake caused both backs to go around Brady. Couldn't get there in time and 1 went high when one went low.
        - 8 penalties including a couple of offsides and an unnecessary roughness call can get us into trouble against good teams. I understand that once the rout was on, you get amped up but you must control yourself and not do something stupid.
        - Edelman took a shot and came up with a concussion. He was playing great up to that point as well. We need him on the field as a punt returner as well as that other slot guy.
        - Another missed FG but this one may not land solely on Ghost. The snap and hold looked a little funky.
        - Baltimore won again when they had no business doing so. Down 10 with 5 to go, the Chargers couldn't seal the deal. They had a shot in OT but screwed that up too.
        - Houston wins.

        The Ugly
        - Brandon Moore's ass is now tied for 3rd on the Jets team for forced fumbles this year.
        - I saw Fireman Ed without his helmet in the stands, that was until he left at halftime. Didn't find out until just this morning that he is hanging it up because of confrontations with other Jets fans in the stands. Though I hated the Jets, I liked Ed as he was so involved and such a huge fan. He will still go to games, just without the helmet.
        - Tebow was dressed for the game but had broken ribs and would have had to throw with his opposite arm if he did play. I am wondering if the Jest with get penalized for not announcing the injury.
        - The Houston/Detroit challenge debacle. I understand the rule that if you throw a challenge flag on a play that can't be challenged you get a 15 yard penalty. This is meant to prevent a team from slowing the pace. In this case, however, the play was going to be automatically reviewed. Since the challenge flag came out, the rule is enforced. Why, however, the play is still not reviewed is beyond me. It was a dead ball foul. How does that negate the automatic review of the TD? That stupid move by the coach cost his team the game.
        - The OT in Detroit. How many missed FGs can there be?
        - Sexy Rexy said he will never concede that the Jets can't catch the Pats. I would agree with that. The only difference will be that Sexy will be long gone when it does. My guess is that it won't happen until Brady and BB hang 'em up.

      • Levine, David
        The Good - Another win means we have locked up the first round bye. - Thanks to Cincy, the AFC champion comes out of Foxborough. - The D continues to play at a
        Message 3 of 17 , Dec 23, 2014
          The Good
          - Another win means we have locked up the first round bye.
          - Thanks to Cincy, the AFC champion comes out of Foxborough.
          - The D continues to play at a high level, not allowing a TD in the 2nd half for the 5th straight game. We play like this and it will be very hard for anyone to beat us. Seliga has really made a difference to this team in the middle.
          - Revis only allows 2 catches and shuts down whomever he covers. Such a luxury for us.
          - Amendola played well in the Edelman role. He also provides a spark to the return game.
          - Air Vince blocks another kick. That's 4 on the year. Pretty damn impressive. Whatever our schemes are, they are working. Key sack by Hightower on the play before
          - Without 3 key contributors, we still managed to pull out a win against an opponent who treated this like their super bowl.
          - Brady makes another play with his legs, running 11 yards for a first and goal from the 3. Smart to get down as he would have gotten himself killed.
          - Glad we committed to the run game in a goal to go situation. We need to be able to run the ball when we need to.
          - We bottled up the Jets running attack which is actually pretty good. We didn't have to commit any extra people to the box and did the job
          - Is there a more athletic player in the league than Jamie Collins? The guy can just flat out play and think about how good he'll be when he really understands the game.
          - Chandler Jones held up against the run well. You don't normally hear about this part of his game but he did well against a mauling OL.

          The Bad
          - Our O got into gear with the hurry up attack but we never maintained it. I want to know why we went away from something that works so well.
          - The OL was bad. Is Connolly that important? If so, we are in trouble going forward as no backup is good enough to come in and play. Kline failed as a fill in. Once we pulled him, we didn't allow another sack.
          - We didn't commit to the run game. Too many passes allowed the Jets DL to just pin their ears back and go. We need to make them honor the play action, which is such an important part of the offence.
          - No pass rush. I would have liked to see a little pressure on the QB.
          - Logan Ryan was awful. He was nowhere near his receiver. When it's cover 1, you can't get caught looking in the backfield and let your guy get behind you. Arrington is a much needed piece of the D.
          - Why do we seem to make below average QBs look like great QBs. There is no way Gino should have thrown that well against us. A couple of drops that are caught and we are looking at a different outcome

          The Ugly
          - Never like to see injuries and seeing Mangold come off the field after Vince was push over and into his leg is no good.
          - One week after beating the Packers to salvage your playoff hopes, you lose to the Raiders. The Bills are going to fold to us next week.

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