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Re: [patriotzip] Razor's Edge Tailgate Info

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  • Ed Bryant
    Win one for me!!  I ll be with the grandchildren watching on the tube!!! ________________________________ From: Sue Von Iderstine To:
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 6, 2012
      Win one for me!!  I'll be with the grandchildren watching on the tube!!!

      From: Sue Von Iderstine <suevon@...>
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      We'll be there will non-alcoholic jello and champagne (hoping to open it!)


      On Oct 3, 2012, at 9:07, Mark Morse <packy001@...> wrote:

      Tailgate Home Game 2 vs Satan Manning and the Denver Broncos
      With a little adjustment our new location turned out to be a smashing success. We attempted to park 6 cars in a row on the grass at Rodman’s. This worked OK, but there were a few cars in between. We overcame this and with a little imagination spread out vertically and were able to accommodate all 39 people attending.

      For the Bronco’s game we will meet at 11:00 and leave by 11:15.
      When heading out to the Rodman lot, we may have to queue up prior to their entrance in the breakdown lane.

      Caravan to Parking — Rt 95 S (Bear right at split with 93N) toward Providence. Take exit 9 (Route 1 south ). Immediately move to the right lane and look for the 1st restaurant on your right (Mick Morgan’s) DO NOT PARK THERE. Pull up to the light and take a right onto Old Post Road. Turn into the parking after the Liquor Store and before Brookline Movers. Back into angled parking spaces for ease of egress when we are leaving the lot. Be in the lot by 11:00. Caravan of cars will leave by 11:15.

      Meeting at the Tailgate – Continue on Rt 1 S as you approach the stadium. As Rt 1 takes a dip, at the traffic light, look for Rodman Collision Center is on the right (look for our red Razor’s Edge Tailgate sign). Take a right into their parking lot and park as directed. You can join us on the grass. We will have one or more canopies together. Our setup is right at the 1st pedestrian crosswalk on Rt 1 S (see Patriots parking Map).

      Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you will be attending!
      I already know that Darren, Vincent, Dana Marchello and Kristina Hultman are attending, as well as my daughter Bridget, son Patrick and his fiancee Karyn and myself. I also expect Julio Bautista from FL as well as Dave levine and son from Maine.

       If you need to get in touch with me here is my cell phone # 978-866-3580
      Mark Morse
      Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup

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