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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Bills)

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  • Levine, David
    The Good - How about that OL. They gave Brady all day to throw and created holes for RBs that I could have gotten positive yardage out of. Wow, what a
    Message 1 of 51 , Oct 1, 2012
      The Good
      • How about that OL.  They gave Brady all day to throw and created holes for RBs that I could have gotten positive yardage out of.  Wow, what a performance.
      • Both RBs ran great.  Ridley and Bolden both look like keepers.  Vereen may not be part of this team if they play like this.  It’s hard not to make positive yardage with the holes they were getting but both showed patience and trusted their blockers.  They hit the LOS hard and turned it up field.  Both knew when to put their head down and run over the defender.  Loved Bolden’s TD.  Hit at the 4 and just powered his way into the end zone.
      • Tom “Crazy Legs” Brady and his TD run.  “Happens as often as Halley’s Comet”.  Smart play by a smart player.
      • How about Wes?  Looks like we no longer get to complain that he isn’t part of the offence anymore.  Passes Brown for number 2 on the yardage list.  Only behind Morgan.
      • Spikes brings it every play.  Love it that he is healthy.  The forced fumble at the goal line was the key to the game.  They score and we are down 14 at the half.  Forced another fumble later.
      • Is anyone playing better than Vince?  He bats down a pass, recovers a fumble and then plasters a poor WR on a dump off. If anyone is teaching children how to tackle, watch that play.  Head up, lead with the shoulder and chest, no helmet to helmet contact, wrap up, drive through the opponent and take him to the ground.  Perfect technique.
      • McCourty played a great game.  He was in coverage well throughout the game and made 2 nice plays for INTs, making up for the 1 drop last week (yes, 1.  The other was a good play by the WR to knock it away).
      • We scored on our last 7 possessions.  6 TDs and a FG.  Only 2 of which were in the 3rd quarter.
      • Our loss to Arizona isn’t so hard to handle now. They are a good team.
      • 2 – 100 yard rushers and 2 – 100 yard receivers in one game.  Wow.
      • Loved Brady’s explanation of the Gronk TD.  They were running behind a pulling off guard all game long.  They decided to run the same look up front but run play action out of it.  The LB bit on the fake and Gronk was by him before he could react.  The 2 safeties were too wide to make a play.  Beautiful.
      • I thought the D played well.  Gave up a TD on a short field and then only 2 others when it counted.  They made plays all game between pressure, turnovers and key stops.  Nicely done.
      • Fells had a great block on the 1st TD run.  Hoomanama had one on the 2nd Ridley TD run.
      • Mesko drops 2 beauties deep, forcing the long field.
      The Bad
      • For an engineer, I suck at math.  Bills are marching down the field in the 4th quarter and I’m thinking to myself, “we can let them score but they just have to take time off the clock.  Otherwise, we’ll need to do something with out last drive.”  Didn’t do the math properly to see we were up 21, not 14.
      • Hightower down with a hammy and didn’t return all game.
      • Ghost misses 2 FGs when it looked like we really could have used them.  He needs to get his head on straight.  Nice to see him make the short one later to get some confidence back.
      • Gronk and Wes both fumble.  One leads to a short field TD and the other almost does as well.
      • I would have rather gone for it on 4th and inches.  With the way the running game was moving the ball, pound the rock.
      • Can we please get a kickoff returner.  McCourty just doesn’t have the speed and wiggle for it.  Need someone to take it up field in hurry.
      The Ugly
      • Santonio Holmes falls to the ground in a heap, untouched and decides he’s in too much pain to hold onto the ball.  Instead of letting go of the ball, he throws it up into the air, where a defender picks it up and runs for a TD.  WTF?
      • The dismantling of the Jets.  Is there any other sight that is as sweet?
      • Mario Williams probably should have played in the game.  The Bills would have had a chance to win.  What’s that?  He did play?  Oh.
      • Dierdork mixed up Bolden and Ridley all game. What a tool this guy is.
      • GB almost got jobbed out of another win by the refs.  Missed an early offensive PI on a NO TD and then hosed them later in the game as well on a fumble that wasn’t
      • New Orleans is 0 and 4.
      • What the hell happened at the end of the Giants/Eagles game.  3 PI calls (one legit).  Offsides.  Freezing the kicker almost cost them.  Questionable play calling.  What a mess.
    • Steve Basile
      Wow. And exactly why SHOULDN’T he be in consideration for MVP, despite missing 25% of the season? If he leads the league in stats, and is truly the MOST
      Message 51 of 51 , Nov 2, 2016
        Wow.  And exactly why SHOULDN’T he be in consideration for MVP, despite missing 25% of the season?

        If he leads the league in stats, and is truly the MOST valuable player, why not?

        Steve Basile
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        On Nov 2, 2016, at 7:25 AM, George Richman patswingr@... [patriotzip] <patriotzip@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

        !!! This may be a bigger shock than the trade of Collins

        "- Tom Brady has more rushing yards than Russell Wilson.  Wilson has played in 3 more games than Brady."

        In any case, I nominate it for "stat of the year"! :-)

        Good job, as always, Dave.
        --- George 

        On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 6:53 PM, Levine, Dave via patriots <patriots@...> wrote:
        The Good
        - Gronk got his 69th TD to take over the all-time TD lead from Stanley Morgan.  Unfortunately he did not act sophomoric enough but maybe BB talked to him about it.  1 more TD and he will have 420 points.  That could be fun.
        - Another game without an INT.  Next one ties the modern record of 9 games without a pick.  10 is the record set in 1960ish by the Browns.
        - TB12 is making it look easy.  Whatever they did in the off season with his deep game has worked.  He is just dropping dimes all over the place.  The pass to Hogan was spot on and the one to Gronk, though shorter, was money as well.
        - Our D came to hit today.  McCourty, Hightower, Chung.  All clean, textbook hits.
        - Our 15 is better than their 15 and our 15 used to be their 15 and their 15 used to be our 19.  All told, I think that's 79, which has been retired.
        - Perfect time for a bye week.  This will give Bennett a chance to heal a little bit.  Give the coaches a chance to make some adjustments on the OL to get more consistent protection.  Gives Lewis some additional time to get reps with the team.  Give Ghost a chance to feel good about himself after a solid game.
        - I think the Pats should have a read option play with Brady.  No one will expect it and there is no chance they would actually think TB12 would keep it.  If we need some quick (sorry, slow) yardage, that's the secret play.
        - The special teams played much better today.  The coverage was fantastic, holding the Bills to minimal gains on returns.  The blocking for Dola was tremendous, giving him the early lane to get up to full speed, allowing him to make people miss and pick up huge yardage.
        - TB12 now has 26 wins (vs 3 losses) to Buffalo which ties him for the lead in victories against an opponent (Favre vs. Detroit).
        - Portland Bulldogs had a bye week as the number one seed.  We get to play Oxford Hills next week who we defeated 32-7 in week 4.  They kept it close for the first 2 quarters but we pulled away after the half.  It should be easier this time around as that was our first game without our starting stud RB (torn ACL the previous week) and we were still feeling out the replacement.  We are up to speed and should role to the Class A north title game the following week.

        The Bad
        - The rap that the D is getting.  When the game mattered, we gave up 15 points.  That's it.  We had 2 stops in the red zone and forced the Bills to march repeatedly down the field only to falter at the end.  One of the series that we gave up points was after forcing a punt where the punter made a play and ran for it.  We had a letdown and didn't recover until they scored.  Once the game was well in hand (up 3 TDs), the D backed off and let the Bills move a little easier.  Our O didn't help either by going 3 and out twice in a row while just trying to burn time.  15 points will win football games.
        - Everyone bailed before the punt.  No one made sure that, even with a clean play, the punter didn't scramble.  You have to make sure the ball is kicked before you retreat.  This will be a great teaching point for BB going into the bye week.
        - Too many penalties.  We have to clean this up.  Too many men on the field cost us 5 and then, after walking off the yardage, we didn't have enough on the field forcing a time out.  Come one now.  This is the stuff of undisciplined teams like Buffalo and Oakland.  Granted, a couple were not penalties (hands to the face and the last PI on Rowe were both non-existent) but it's still too much.
        - Rowe had a very down game.  One of the PI calls was complete BS and directly led to a TD but the other one was blatant and he was out of position quite a bit.  Maybe it's time to get Cyrus out of the doghouse.  Hopefully the little puppy understands that he was bad.
        - It sucks that we have to trade Collins.  He is an athletic freak and a core part of our defense.  My guess is that we have approached him about a new contract and he wants a ton of money that we are not willing to pay.  We are going to probably invest in Hightower and can't get both.  Same reason we had to dump Chandlers Jones.  Instead of losing him, we trade him for 3rd round pick this year instead of a comp pick next year.  Now I understand why he wasn't playing yesterday and why we went out and got Van Noy.  Hopefully Roberts continues to play well.

        The Ugly
        -  I thought about it for a while but I just couldn't come up with a pithy remark.  The best I have is that there were 2 dildos on the field yesterday.  Rex Ryan and a latex one.  Weak, I know but for something so well set up, I've got nothing.  Anyone?
        - I understand that Oakland has a rep as being bad boys and undisciplined but good god.  23 penalties in a game for 200 yards.  That's a sign of a team that just doesn't give a damn.
        - The Cleveland Dawg Pound sign in the end zone just sums up the Browns in one, ridiculous picture.  Really.  I mean, really?  GPODAWUND?  Really?
        - Let's break down Ghosts kick by the yard.  For the first 25 yards, the ball was dead center and rising.  Plenty of leg, plenty of accuracy.  From 25 to 35, the ball takes a slight angle to the left, like a minor draw shot, something Ghost likes to do anyway.  From 35 to 45, the ball starts to flutter a little and hook to the left and dip, like one of my golf shots.  From 45 to 51, the ball, with a mind of its own, takes a sharp left and down, like it was blocked by Dikembe Mutombo.  I was just waiting for the uprights to start wagging back and forth like a finger.
        - Tom Brady has more rushing yards than Russell Wilson.  Wilson has played in 3 more games than Brady.

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