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Re: [patriots] Leaking Water

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  • frankdanabrewster
    Additional insight from the Globe. Not looking good for his return...
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2012
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      Additional insight from the Globe. Not looking good for his return...



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      > Jeff Howe of the Herald is reporting that Waters is not here because of a money dispute with the team.  Perhaps he wants more money, but Howe is reporting the Pats want Waters, and All Pro OG to take a pay cut to 500K from his $1.4M contract he signed last year.  That way he would only count $450K against the Salary Cap.  I don't know about you, but I am a little pissed off if this is true.  The guy is a Pro Bowl caliber player ... pay him!  They wasted $3.4M on Fannene, could pay Chad Johnson $6M.  We have the highest ticket prices and the value of the franchise is second highest only behind Jerry Jones and his 8th wonder of the world stadium.   Pay the man!
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      > They took his nameplate off the locker so he ain't coming back.  I heard when da Prince saw it gone,  he cried-:). Hey,  guys don't stick around forever.  Time for the new guys to step up and man up.  And block well, too. I wonder how much holding they can get away with on the scab refs.
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