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Saints Preseason Game Observation

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  • Mark Morse
    I was at the game and will caveat this by stating that I haven’t seen the game recording yet.    Offense Offensive line was as scary as we thought it
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2012
      I was at the game and will caveat this by stating that I haven’t seen the game recording yet. 
      Offensive line was as scary as we thought it would be.  Koppen was getting beat up the middle, Solder played like a rookie and Cannon has a lot of work to do and he has seemed to regress from where he was at the end of last season.  If you look at it from the perspective that these guys are going to be our back-ups this year, it was a little more tolerable.
      Brady was under a lot of pressure.  However, Brady was way off even when he wasn’t under pressure.  He missed Gronk wide open down the seam.  He underthrew a wide open Brandon Lloyd  (would have been called back for holding anyway).  Screen passes were a disaster, part RB fault, part Oline fault.  Brady was visibly upset slamming his helmet down and cursing.
      Running game was terrific, Ridley ran well, Vereen showed what I saw of him in college.  Very elusive and quick.  Very good pass catcher too!  Look for RB’s to be featured more in the passing attack.  Kettani played well in the FB position and very well could make this team!
      Impressive 97 yard drive to start the second half.  Hoyer looked good.  Britt made a great catch at the goal line (he was hurt later – injury and extent unknown). 
      Mallet was just plain awful.  How does a 6’ 6” QB get three passes tipped (one intercepted) at the LOS.
      Gost missing a 53 yd FG at the end of the half after a good drive to get into an area where they could attempt a FG.
      They were the stars of the game.  Held the Saints, who have already played one exhibition game, to 2 FG (one a 46 yarder after a turnover deep in the Pats end of the field).  Very impressed by both 1st rounders.  Jones ended up getting double teamed to keep him away from Brees.  Three and out the 1st series.  Great coverage by the secondary and good pressure. 
      Mayo had outstanding coverage on Thomas and Sproles after the turnover by Brady (strip sack) deep in Pats territory. 
      Nice strip by Ras I Dowling.  Near acrobatic Interception by Moore.  Tipped pass by LB and Gregory does juggling act for Interception.  Chung in coverage takes away an overthrow.
      I understand it was a pre-season game but was encouraged by our pressure against a veteran Oline led by Bushrod who had all he could handle from Jones.  These weren’t back ups like our starting O-line.
      late game pressure and sacks by Trevor Scott and Jake Bequette is encouraging.
      Still leery about having James Ihedigbo as the 4th Safety.
      Gunners on ST were terrific all night.  Slater showed why he is a Pro Bowl selection.  Impressed by RB Bolden as a gunner.  This could put him over the top for making the team.  Even Malcolm Williams showed up by making a few plays on ST. 
      Sorry to see Fletcher get hurt and understand its an ACL and he will be gone for the year.  It opens up an opportunity for either Koutivedes or Rivera to make the team.  Look for a couple of more players to be added to the team this week.
      A surprise crowd at a pre-season tailgate.  Rick Pereira was 1st on the scene and relayed info that Lot 51 was open and nobody was there.  I passed that along to Karen and Don and told them I was hung up in traffic.  They met Rick under the Billboard and had a space available for me.  My daughter Ceara and I pulled in followed by another friend of Rick's.  We were later joined by Capt Evan DiLeo, his wife Sefki , his brother and sister visiting from New Orleans, and another friend from Pittsburgh.  Son of Bama and his grandson enjoyed a brief time with the tailgating crew as well as Sue Von Idestine and her daughter Kate.   Surprisingly good tailgate for a pre-season game.
      Side note ... the traffic was so bad the parking lot was not full at 6:50 when we left for the game!  People next to us arrived after the 1st quarter ended. 

      Mark Morse
      Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup
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