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Re: [patriotzip] Re: Willie was the fourth pick in the draft by the way

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    27-5 isn t bad for a team with a statistically poor defense although that could be a comment on statistics especially since they made it to the SB one of those
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      27-5 isn't bad for a team with a statistically poor defense although that could be a comment on statistics especially since they made it to the SB one of those years. Too bad BB had to make a choice between Sey and Wilfork but it appears now that he made the right one. I felt a lot more confident in the 'D' last year as they were usually able to get the big play when they needed it. Couldn't say that about some of the years before especially as the seasons got closer to and in the playoffs. Now that BB (hopefully) has his pass-rushing elephants a lot of pressure should come off of the rest of the Pats defense. If he found/finds enough to shore up the safety position the backfield should be fine. I don't see McCourty having the year he had last year again, part of which is attributable to injuries and maybe he had a little too much success his first year and relaxed.

      As bad as the head injury situation is in the NFL it is far worse in the NHL where it is still legal to slam players heads into the boards with your hip, an elbow to the head is usually a two minute minor penalty and other niceties that keeps hockey a 'tough' sport. I'm not advocating that they change over to figure-skating but when your best players are being knocked out of the game with concussions, some permanently, there is something very wrong. The Bruins attempted to defend their Stanley Cup without two of their best scorers this year because of cuncussions. Before helmets came in and they made them mandatory there were far less concussions. As serious as the problem is the frequency and severity of concussions in the NFL is much lower.

      No argument that Welker is one of the toughest NFL players. Coming back from his knee injury was typical Welker. No fanfare but he was back sooner than just about anyone expected and played at the same level he did before the injury. But have to agree with Zip that his value as a franchise pick is limited.

      Stallworth says it will be different this time and I am really looking forward to seeing Lloyd.

      One of BB's best traits is he doesn't seem to take much at all, if anything, personally and he doesn't hold grudges. He is also very loyal to his players.

      Ty Law, now there is a blast from the past. Did he ever get enough food for his family? :)


      At 06:21 PM 4/28/2012 -0700, you wrote:

      We're 27-5 over two regular seasons, and still miss Seymour.  It's an ugly business, especially the head injuries, but I remember the Carolina game, 2009, the Tardy Boys Week game, and on the winning drive, Welker starts with a concussion catch for a first down, and added three more catches going down the field, over the middle.  With a concussion.  And you remember how his season ended, getting mugged by a groundskeeper in Houston. 

      Twelve hours older than my daughter, Wes Welker is the closest I will ever come to having a son in the NFL.   When I thought we would lose Wilfork, I hoped I was wrong.   Now, with Welker perhaps facing a one year tag and no guarantee beyond that, I'm thinking we need to get younger at wide-out, although for 2012 I hope we see Welker, Stallworth, Branch, and Lloyd, all of whom are geezers, but very soon, we need to say goodbye as we needed to do with Bruschi, Vrabel, and Harrison.  And in a few years, we will need a quarterback! 

      When Ty Law tried to get fired, Belichick didn't take it personally.  He understands the deal. 

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      Hey Ed,

      Nice job on the draft contest but I think you are going to have to slip Mark a three-day mickey to have a shot at winning.

      The point I was trying to make was that while few Patriots players ever challenge BB on his judgement and ability as a coach and in fact most of them acknowledge that he is something special, perhaps even a bonafide genius but some of the best Patriots players have challenged his judgement and ability on how to financially structure a team so it can continue to win every year.


      At 04:38 AM 4/28/2012 -0700, you wrote:

      Harry, Mankins, Seymour, and Wilfork were drafted in the first round.  Wes Welker was undrafted, released by San Diego, and signed for short money by the Dolphins.  A guy in that position gets zero for hype, and must make up the money difference with production.  Do you know how much Jamarcus Russell got for signing his name to his contract?

      Welker mentioned to someone in the media that the franchise tag will pay him for one season just about what he got on his last four year contract.   That's four seasons in which he averaged over 100 catches a year.  The Patriots don't want to overpay, and the player, as always, one play away from the end of his career, doesn't want to be underpaid. 

      Remember that, at the cost of a 2 and a 7, Welker cost the Patriots more than Chad Jackson did in terms of draft resources.  Compare the two for a moment, and then look again at your reference to Mankins, Wilfork, and Seymour.   Maybe you should compare him to Deion Branch, who held out a year BEFORE he might be threatened with the tag, and who not only was less produtive in Seattle, but then welcome back with open arms the week the Patriots had to say good-bye to Randy Moss.  If
      Welker misses some practice time, I doubt it will cause him to get out of shape, and I suspect the Patriots need him for this season. 

      As for Willie, one of his teammates, Rodney Harrison, gave advice to Richard Seymour the year Seymour held out and got an untimed raise.  Years later, NE had to choose whether to put eggs in the basket of Seymour or Wilford, and chose Vince.  That doesn't make anybody a bad guy.  Harrison never made up the difference for being a fifth round pick; Welker is just Harrison on offense with better numbers.  It's business, and in the process, it puts Welker against management.  You don't want him to compete???

      From: Machado.Nicholas <machado.nicholas@...>
      Hey Zip,

      I agree that Willie and Tedy Bruschi often have their locker-room-enforcer suits on when they criticize Pats players. But Welker's numbers do bear McGinest out in his observation that the Pats provided an arena where Welker could prosper. Perhaps Welker would have prospered no matter where he went.

      I also agree that Welker's skill set is perfect for the job BB wants him to do. And I do not hold Welker's SB missed catch against him though I thought I noticed a slight drop-off in his sure-handedness this year but I attribute that to coming back from a surgically repaired knee for the most part.

      I think the troubling thing for me is that these players who hold out will play for BB and accept his genius for the game and coaching but they challenge him on his team salary structure. BB has made it clear over and over again that the Pats do things a little different and that is what makes them the team where a player has the best or one of the best chances to go deep in the playoffs and have a shot at winning a SB. If he pays one or two players super-star money it upsets the whole scheme and takes away talent from another area and significantly diminishes those chances. This isn't brain surgery, it is very easy to understand but guys like Mankins, Wilfork, Seymour et al all feel the need to get a little more. And that is all it amounts to, is a little more money which IMHO caused Samuel and Branch to very possibly cost the Pats a SB win or two. I give BB a whole lot of credit for his determination and ability to hold the line and only bend when he really has too.

      That said I agree that Welker has earned a long term deal, I just hope he wants to make sure the blockers that spring him and everyone else on the team that help make him a star get paid well enough to make sure he continues to be a star.


      At 07:52 AM 4/26/2012 -0400, you wrote:

      I loved Willie and appreciate many of his contributions to the team. I really think this statement was more about getting media attention than his real thought or reality.


      Part of Wes success, like many Patriots through the past few years, is how well the system matches their skill set. I love his reads, quickness and work ethic. He really shines in this system more than he might in many others. I do not want to lose him from this team by any stretch as the impact would be very significant. Even as his age and the hits increase he s got some significant contributions ahead if we can find the right price for those. In all of that, I have not seen him react negatively in any way to the process of the negotiations.


      If it s the right deal I hope we get it done, if it s the wrong deal I ll accept him playing for a franchise salary this year and wonder how long that can work. He will not be franchise value for more than 1-2 years I think.


      Go Pats happy Draft Day!




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      Subject: [patriotzip] McGinest weighs in on Welker



      Says receiver was nothing before Pats signed him and made him a star and
      Welker should realize who is buttering his bread. "I just don't like the
      diva attitude," McGinest said. "Unless you're Bill Belichick or Tom Brady,
      you're expendable."

      I wonder if all the receivers the Pats brought in is a statement that they
      are ready and expecting to move on.


      "In politics, stupidity is not a handicap."--Napolean Bonaparte (1769-1821)


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      ""It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams
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