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Re: My Top Ten Free Agents

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  • Scott Sheaffer
    ... 1. Brandon Carr CB KC – rarely do you get a shut down CB in the FA market. You never get one that is age 26! Sign this guy for 5 years. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 18, 2012
      >>While waiting on next week’s NFL Draft Combine, I took a look at potential Free Agents.  This is my top ten list of Free Agents.  These are not necessarily what the Patriots are interested in, but except for QB, they should be!
      1.        Brandon Carr CB KC – rarely do you get a shut down CB in the FA market.  You never get one that is age 26!  Sign this guy for 5 years.>>

      I haven't watched Kansas City play much in recent years, and when I have, I haven't noticed Carr. He's only got eight interceptions in four seasons, BUT in reading about him, I see that he had only a 61.7 QB rating against him which is excellent. Plus, he did despite a lack of safety help following the loss of Eric Berry for the season. Carr is built a lot like Revis, but he's not quite as fast. (Carr had a 4.43 40 yard dash time at the combine.) Playing for Romeo Crennel (who's been in KC both as a defensive coordinator and a head coach the past few years), Carr should be familiar with the style of defense the Patriots run. Brent Grimes should be the top corner prospect this season, and even he is unlikely to get Nmamdi Asomugha money. So while the Pats would still have to play plenty, Carr could be a comparative bargain.

      I think the biggest need is at safety, so Branch intrigues me the most. I would say he was the strongest possibility, BUT the Patriots usually do stuff that I don't expect.

      Scott Sheaffer
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