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Re: [patriotzip] Welker to test free agency, Brady requests trade...

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  • Susan Moore
    Well said, George (and Frank)!! I think that all of us react in different ways--fans, players, coaches, etc. and we have to step back and take deep breaths and
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 11, 2012
      Well said, George (and Frank)!!
      I think that all of us react in different ways--fans, players, coaches, etc. and we have to step back and take deep breaths and analyze the season and the previous years as you did. When a team such as the Pats (or Yankees, Smeltics, Lakers, etc.) rises to such a high level over this many years, the danger in that is that the level of constant expectation also rises. As you said, we do get spoiled with the victories and the high level of play and disappointed when it doesn't come to fruition as often as we want it to. I'm all over the map with sports teams in various parts of the country, but I do root for the Lakers (here in L.A.) and fans are up in arms about their "poor" play.
      Like you, I think that it is fair to hurt with the losses but the blame game serves no real purpose. Many of the Super Bowls (or even conference games) can come down to luck or one or two plays and a pile of should, woulda, coulda. But for those few "lucky" plays, it might have been the Whiners and Ravens in the SB and we wouldn't be worrying about one more SB loss.
      I'm still hurting over 1997, 2008, and this one--not 1986 because there was no way anyone from the AFC was going to beat that steamroller team.
      You watched the game also in a hostile environment against the Pats? Can you explain why everyone hates them? I just don't get it...is it like the Yankees in that they are always near the forefront so often or what? I think that is what is also bugging me--it's hard to take hearing all of that stuff about them. Even if they had won the SB, there would still have been the talk against Giselle for something, the talk that the Pats stink, etc. This hatred of them is making me crazy--is it the coach, the players?
      I just read an article about Kraft in Sports Illustrated in the doctor's office, explaining his purchase of the team and his moves to get BB and TB and such. I vaguely remember the previous owner, but I also remember hearing about Victor Kiam. He was a flop, huh? Since I live in L.A. I just don't hear much about the Pats business end or the management.
      Well, this is longer than I expected but I think that I really need to talk and reflect. I'm not really personally mad at any of the players or the coach or anything and I'm not going to criticize the team or jump off the wagon. It's thick or thin for me--we went through Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll (gag,,,), but I think that we have the winning formula that just doesn't come out on top every single time.
      I'm still hurt and beyond disappointed and I despise the Giants (from being a longtime Cowboys fan--don't hit me George), but we do have the winning formula.
      GOOOOOO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      HERE! HERE! Frank!

      I wrote one brief note after the game stating my position that the Patriots lost because they made several mistakes, some by Brady, and some by our receivers, while the Giants made none of any significance. (Yes, I know they had 3 fumbles that "woulda" "coulda" "shoulda" changed the outcome. See below.) I haven't watched any of the stuff on NFL Network or ESPN since the game; and I've read very little (mostly only headlines) of the stuff that pops up on my Yahoo home page. That's because: 1.) I think my conclusions were both correct and obvious, at the surface level; 2.) it serves no purpose to either cry about the "bad luck" issues (Gronk's injury, 2 "bad bounces" on Giants fumbles), or diminish the achievement of the Giants.

      My position now is that I am very grateful to the coaches and players of MY team, the New England Patriots, for achieving beyond what nearly all Patriots fans expected. How can I, after the initial intense pain of the loss has passed, do anything other than that? I don't understand how anyone can not acknowledge that they did, in fact, exceed expectations. Once allowing that acknowledgment, how can there be any response to them other than gratitude, and encouragement for some needed roster improvements next season, and another grab for that elusive 4th Lombardi Trophy.

      I will be hurting from this loss, as I have for each of our 4 Super Bowl losses, for some time. But I have no problem in limiting my feelings to pain for the loss; and not allowing them to expand to venomous comments about the great players who got us there, and who, while making a few damaging errors of execution, gave a 100% effort on every play. Failure to do the latter, or playing an overall poor, "flat" game, are the only 2 things that would have left me angry at the players. That did not happen. Brady, Welker, Hernandez, and Branch have all made significant contributions to our team during their time here. I'm convinced that, if they all stay (Branch?), they'll make many more good plays than poor ones in the future. I'm disappointed to see so many who call themselves Patriots fans throwing trash at the team over the past few days. I heard a lot of that in the very anti-Patriots environment where I watched the game. While that angered me, it didn't disappoint me in the way that hearing unjustified criticism coming from other Patriots fans does.

      Did the Giants "get lucky" because of the outcome of their 3 fumbles? Yes. Did they "get lucky" because the 49er's made a couple of significant "unforced errors" in that game? Yes. Did the Patriots "get lucky" because a reliable FG kicker missed a chip shot in the AFCC? Yes. But in all 3 cases, the winning team had to be in position to capitalize on that luck; and to then go forward with solid play to secure the win.

      So I hope every Patriots fan will try to accept this painful loss with all of that in mind. Try to do what has always, since the creation of this team, been a huge challenge for me ... PRIORITIZE it properly. Remember the motto of that old radio guy, "Superfan", who always closed his show with: "Always remember that, in the department store of life, sports is, after all, the toy department." (I keep trying, and, one day, I may actually be able to do that.) :-)

      Meanwhile, I hope everybody has a great off season; and focuses on team improvements for next season. We can do nothing about the one that just ended for us in Indianapolis.



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