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Re: [patriotzip] Calling out The Herald

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  • Susan Moore
    Good response...lol!! That rag just sounds awful. Don t need to go to the rest of the country looking for enemies, huh? ... From: Steve Basile To:
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 7, 2012
      Good response...lol!! That "rag" just sounds awful. Don't need to go to the rest of the country looking for enemies, huh?
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      The Herald dropped to well below "Cottonelle"  status when that scum John Tomase "broke" the videotaping "story" the day before the last Pats/Giants super bowl. The "news" paper has less value to me than the shrink wrap on a Justin Bieber CD. 

      If I handed out Patriots press credentials, the entire sports staff of Foxboro Elementary would get access to the locker room before anyone carrying a Herald business card. 

      Worthless scum. 


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      Didn't see it (am out of the area), but that does sound disgusting. Don't worry about sounding sexist--I admit that women can be very cruel to each other, even though they say they want equal rights...geez.
      There are so many emotions running around after a game like that (a blowout, not so much) and people let off steam.
      What bothers me is that the two of them do alot for the Boston area (I'm assuming, yes?) and then to be slammed like that?
      I'm dealing with an idiot here in the L.A. Times--yapping about the crumbling dynasty, they won't get another chance, yada, yada, and the "gift win" that got them into the SB. I might set him straight and tell him to give equal time to the Giants' gift win as well (the Whiners dropping that punt near their own end zone).
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      Subject: [patriotzip] Calling out The Herald


      Is anyone else disgusted by the mindless drivel that the Boston Herald allowed to be published on the front page today. I don't mean this to sound sexist, but two female columnists, who hate everything Tom and Giselle, were given free reign to bash G in the most smarmy and juvenile manner for her off-the-cuff comment.

      Should she have said what she did, no. But (1) it was an emotional reaction to the obnoxious hecklers, and to support Tom, and (2) it was a private comment to Tom and Bianca Wilfork, that just happened to get picked up by someone's cell phone.

      She's a fan, not a member of the team. She's entitled to her opinion. These two jealous shrews should be ashamed of themselves for writing these columns. Tom should be livid about the fact that the "media" would attack his wife in this manner.

      Sorry for the rant, but it really ticked me off (ya think?).


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