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Re: [patriotzip] Jive Talkin vs Walking the Walk

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  • Susan Moore
    I know Mark...I m so sick of hearing all of that too. Why is it? That s what I can t figure out at all. Why is everyone for the Giants? They aren t a classy
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2012
      I know Mark...I'm so sick of hearing all of that too. Why is it? That's what I can't figure out at all. Why is everyone for the Giants? They aren't a classy team particularly and they aren't a dynasty like Dallas or San Fran (or us in my mind). The L.A. Times, to give them credit, has really been fair about analyzing each area of each team and talking about some individual players and also had that article about Myra Kraft passing.
      My son came home from middle school today and said basically the same thing you outlined here...no one likes the Pats. It really upsets him and it's hard to know what to say. These are 13/14 year old kids that are stuck on the "cheating scandal" of 4 years ago and say that the Pats don't deserve to be in the SB because of their cheating. HUH?? They were 9/10  four years ago.
      I just try to tell him that the Pats will take their playing out on the field and that they really want to win one for Myra, for TB to get to 4 rings, and to avenge the 2008 fiasco. I also say that most of the 32 teams do go ahead and film other teams, but rather we got caught by where we were standing with the camera. Also added to the mix was a disgruntled jerk from the Jets and we got fined for it and now it's 4 years later.
      COME ON PATS----let's walk the walk and then shove it down their throats.
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      I have heard it all these past two weeks!  Everyones got an projection who is going to win this game!  From C-list celebrities to washed up, bitter, Football Hall of Fame analysts.  None of them like the Patriots.  I love the Jive Talkin coming from the New York Giants .  From guaranteeing a win to stating they will see us at the parade on Tuesday, the Giants are shooting their mouths off.  “We’re in Brady’s head … we are going to crush him” and stupid quotes like this are more braggadocio than fact.
      Here is the only fact – If you want to talk the talk, then you better be able to walk the walk.  This game is going to be won in the trenches on both teams offensive and defensive lines.  Whoever dominates the line will win this game.  Never mind the poor secondary of the Pats or the pass rush of the 4 down lineman of the Giants.  If the Patriots O-line neutralizes the pass rush or the Pats D line puts pressure on Eli, and the secondary doesn’t have to cover as long, that is what will win the game
      The previous matchup this year was 0-0 at the half, thanks to a missed chip shot FG by Gostkowski at the end of the 1st half.  Yeah the Giants were missing Hicks and Bradshaw.  Would they have a made a difference?   The Patriots lost Spikes and Chung (at the crucial end of game drive) during the game.   
      Is it just Jive Talkin by the Giants or will they be Walkin the Walk?  My thinking is that the Patriots will be Walkin the Walk and then Talkin the Talk as the greatest Dynasty in NFL History (especially with the Salary Cap and Free Agency)!!!   Go Pats!!!!
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