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Roster comparison 2007 - 2011 Defense

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    Thought I d take a look at the 2007 roster and compare it to the group that will play the Giants for the SB this year. I will do the defenses first; DE 2007
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2012
      Thought I'd take a look at the 2007 roster and compare it to the group that
      will play the Giants for the SB this year. I will do the defenses first;

      Jarvis Green
      Adalius Thomas

      Mark Anderson
      Christian Cox
      Jermaine Cunningham
      Brandon Deaderick
      Shaun Ellis

      Much more on the table this year especially Ellis, Anderson and Deaderick
      who are all contributing in a big way. The 2011 Pats can muster an
      effective pass-rush when they need to. In 2007, not so much.

      Rashad Moore
      Richard Seymour
      Le Kevin Smith
      Santonio Holmes
      Ty Warren
      Vince Wilfork
      Mike Wright

      Ron Brace
      Kyle Love
      Myron Pryor
      Gerard Warren
      Vince Wilfork

      Moore, Smith and Holmes were plug-ins to fill holes in 2007 where Brace,
      Love and Pryor are solid depth with lots of future upside. Even with
      Seymour in 2007 I think the two groups compare very favorably with the edge
      to 2011. Wilfork was still learning in 2007, this year he is a seasoned pro
      in his prime who has added an interception aspect to his game. Love keeps
      getting better and Warren has done a good job.

      Willie Anderson
      Rashad Baker
      Randall Gay
      Rodney Harrison
      Ellis Hobbs
      Eddie Jackson
      Brandon Merriweather
      Mel Mitchell
      Asante Samuel
      James Sanders
      Antwain Spann
      Raymond Ventrone
      Eugene Wilson

      Kyle Arrington
      Josh Barrett
      Sergio Brown
      Patrick Chung
      James Ihedigbo
      Nathan Jones
      Bret Lockett
      Devin McCourty
      Antwaun Molden
      Sterling Moore

      I think this years model compares nicely but the experience edge goes to
      2007. Harrison was one of the greatest DB's in the game but 2007 was his
      last year so physically he wasn't the presence he had been but his ability
      to read the field/play and clue his teamates was invaluable. Chung is
      better than Merriweather, I'd take Arrington's steadiness over Samuel's
      indecision and McCourty is no worse an option than Gay IMHO so I would give
      the physical edge to 2011.

      I think this year's defense has more options and flexibility than 2007 and
      it is much younger. The only thing this year's model lacks in comparison is

      The goal line stands this year were something that has been missing from
      the Pats defense the last few years and was a feature of the 2001-2004
      defenses. Nice to see the return of that and the big-play. The old defenses
      would give up all kinds of yards but when the big-play was needed the Pats
      usually came up big. This year the Pats have been showing that old big-play
      ability from time to time and while they aren't ready to surpass the past
      teams just yet they are heading most determindly in that direction.

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