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Re: [patriotzip] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Bills)

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  • George Richman
    Good point, Harry. It does seem that there must be some reason that McCourty has so totally lost it as a CB. He can t have simply forgotten how to turn to
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      Good point, Harry. It does seem that there must be some reason that McCourty has so totally "lost it" as a CB. He can't have simply "forgotten" how to turn to look for the ball. If what you suggest is, in fact, the case; it could be good news. Because if off-season rest and rehab (or even minor surgery) can correct it, next year we might be able to get back that outstanding CB we had during his rookie season. We could certainly use it!

      But we'll have plenty of time to discuss that, and all of the other off-season needs and actions, after the Super Bowl. For now, I like the idea of keeping McCourty at Safety, along with Chung; with Arrington and Moore at the CB spots, Edelman and Slater doing slot duty, for the upcoming playoff games.

      On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 11:22 AM, Machado.Nicholas <machado.nicholas@...> wrote:

      George, I wonder if some of McCourty's problems are due to his shoulder injury impeding his ability to turn his head. He often was able to turn his head and make a play on the ball last year avoiding many PI calls but this year he is not getting his head turned around although many times his body is in position to do so. That would fit with your observation that McCourty seems to do better when the play is in front of him.


      At 11:35 AM 1/4/2012 +0700, you wrote:


      Well done, as always, Dave!

      My adds:
      Perhaps McCourty should stay at S. He does well closing on the play when he sees it coming at him; but he has been horrific all season long at staying with receivers coming off the LOS. Most lose him for a step or two within the first 5 yards - going in any direction. Sterling Moore seems just the opposite. He played S a few times in earlier games; and seemed lost trying to figure out where to go. Put him on one receiver, from the CB position, and plays very well.

      Ninkovich continues to improve every week; moving steadily toward the "Vrabel Phenonomenon" - a STs guy who transforms into a top grade OLB.

      Ridley looked good again. Good cuts. Good acceleration. Lots of off-season work coming on the pass blocking of Ridley and Vereen. If it's successful, I think we're set at RB with those 2, plus Bennie and Woody. No need to draft a RB at all, unless we can pick up a monster blocking FB late in the draft, or get one as a FA.

      On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 2:22 AM, Levine, David <david-levine@...> wrote:

      The Good
      - We won the game, got the number 1 seed and came out with only 1 injury of note.
      - Lots of mixing and matching in the D backfield. McCourty to safety opposite Chung seemed to work. Arrington and Molden at the corners with Moore and Edelman getting lots of play time. Limited Ihedigbo which was a blessing in my eyes.
      - The J-E-T-S collapse and don't make the playoffs. They couldn't even take care of their own business, never mind getting the help they needed.
      - Indy cleans out the upper management and the Polian's are both looking for a job.
      - Our 3rd down D was good all game. Even in the beginning, Buffalo had to convert twice on 4th down to keep the drive going. The fake punt was beautiful.
      - Gronk got the record on a final pass from Hoyer. Nice to see that BB actually looks for that type of stuff and gave the guy one more shot at it.
      - Hernandez has quietly had a fantastic season. He was overshadowed by everyone else on the team but he finished 4th for TEs with 79 catches for 910 yards and 7 TDs. Added another 5 rushes for 45 yards.
      - Little Wes finishes with 122 catches and gets beat out for the yards title by Megatron's monster game. We need to resign him and not deal with the franchise tag.
      - We created the turnovers that win games.
      - We were up and got the ball with 10 plus minutes to go. I was thinking about a 5 minute, clock killing drive ending in any sort of points to put the pressure on Buffalo. What we got was a 14 play, 88 yard, 7 plus minute drive ending in a TD That was dominance.
      - Buffalo had 6 second half drives. 4 ended in INTs, 2 were punts. Hell, add to that the 3 drives after their 3 scores that ended in a punt, a 4th down stop and missed FG, and the D really tightened down at the end. To contrast, after going 3 and out on the first 2 possessions, we ended up scoring on every other drive (except the INT just before the half).
      - Loved the end around to Hernandez and then coming back with the fake end around later in the game. That's smart play calling.
      - Anyone see Light blocking for Ridley on the 20 yard gain. He was just knocking people out of the way.
      - Loved the screen to BJGE. Great play fake and super blocking.
      - Love O'Brians fire on the sideline. Was pissed when we came away with a FG and not the TDs. Missed some plays and he let the O know it.

      The Bad
      - Hopefully we only lost Ninkovich for the game and the 2 weeks will get him ready for the playoffs. Reports are that he aggravated his hip injury. I hope that's true and he will be fine. He's been one of the most consistent players on our D all year.
      - Don't know what the D was at the beginning of the game but it didn't work. It looked like man all the time with a single safety high and rushing 4 or 5. Changed after the 3rd score and settled down. I know the pass rush went down to 3 or 4 man rushes and it looked more like zone with 2 deep safeties.
      - O'Brian will be interviewed by Jax for their HC job and Penn State is interested as well. Don't want to lose another O coordinator.
      - Guyton can't get on the field for the 3rd straight week. I had high hopes for him as I thought he was improving.
      - The PI on Molden on the first drive was awful. Both guys were looking back to the ball and their legs got tangled. How can DBs play in this league.
      - I thought the 15 yarder on the Bills for hitting Brady during the INT return was just as bad. Brady is a football player at that point and wasn't drilled. He was blocked and fell down. Also thought the hitting a defenseless receiver negating our INT was bogus as well. Let them play ball.
      - Don't like the showboating by Hernandez. Get into the end zone before you celebrate and cut the high step crap out.
      - Hated the play calling at the 2 yard line with the game still up in the air. Didn't like the 1st down pass and hated running wide to the right on 2nd. BJGE is a pounder and we need to run him straight ahead or just off guard. Brady couldn't decide what to do on 3rd down after he was flushed. Started to scramble, looked to pass and then committed to the run too late. Could have scored if he had run from the beginning.

      The Ugly
      - Stevie Johnson is an idiot. The coach says the next player to do something stupid and pick up a 15 yard penalty will be benched. Stevie picks up his shirt and shows a "Happy New Year" T shirt. Coach benches him for the rest of the game. Also, what grown man goes by Stevie?
      - Santonio Holmes acting like the prima donna that he is and gets tossed from the game by his coach. Nice way to help your team when they needed a win. He's a captain too.
      - You wonder about our D? Look at the GB vs. DET game and tell me if you are comfortable with either of those teams. I know, GB was playing without a couple of starters but we were too.
      - The TD that wasn't. In the Det/GB game, a clear TD pass to the DET WR was called no catch. Since the Lions didn't have any challenges left, it was not reviewed. The rule should change so that all potential scoring plays are automatically challenged, not just those that are called TDs.


    • frankdanabrewster
      Great read as always, David. That 4th quarter is a good teaching moment for Belichick; especially for the young players. Don t get complacent with a big lead
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        Great read as always, David. That 4th quarter is a good teaching moment for Belichick; especially for the young players. Don't get complacent with a big lead late. It can bite you. But yeah, BB didn't play it smart.

        I just thought Rex saw someone with a big plate of wings. Didn't know it was a play call.  :o)

        You mentioned Seattle being 0-2. The interesting stat is that out post-season opponents - Baltimore, Indy, and Seattle are now a combined 0-6.


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