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Re: [patriotzip] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Skins)

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    Glad you mentioned the goaline stand David. I don t remember this many goaline stands by the Pats in a season since the SB days. There are parts of this
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      Glad you mentioned the goaline stand David. I don't remember this many goaline stands by the Pats in a season since the SB days. There are parts of this defense that are outstanding and their red zone work is one of them IMHO.


      At 09:52 AM 12/12/2011 -0500, you wrote:

      A little something different today. There is one play that shows the good, bad and ugly all at once and I will sprinkle it throughout this report today. Here is the play.

      Brady throws a short pass to his TE. With good coverage, he has to lay it outside and low to avoid the INT. Gronk lays out and catches the ball. With the defender diving in front to try and make a play on the ball, there is no contact. Gronk gets up and starts to run. D support arrives with 2 guys, one who takes Gronk from the front at chest level and one that jumps on his shoulders. Both are riding him toward the sideline. A 3rd defender stops and watches. Gronk fights through and eventually breaks both tackles. He tiptoes the sideline and sees another defender coming. He tries to hurdle the dive at his feet, almost maintains balance but stumbles after gaining an additional 10 yards.

      The Good
      - Gronk shows a perfect example of playing to the whistle and never stop trying. He isn't sure that he wasn't touched down after diving for the ball so he gets up anyway. When he is hit on the sideline, he keeps his legs moving trying to pick up a couple of more yards. He manages to stay inbounds, break the 2 tackle and run down the sideline. He tries to set up the last defender and just gets tripped at the end, managing to fall forward in the process. Outstanding effort on his part.
      - Gronk gets his record.
      - Mayo saved the day on that dive. Nice reaction and better hands. Was a nice D stand as the pass would have been short anyway bringing up 4th down.
      - Love the D stand at the goal line. The line shift again causes a false start. Smart teams make smart plays and that has now worked 2 games in a row.
      - Is there anyone on the planet who is going to outwrestle Vince for a loose ball, especially one in the end zone?
      - Once again, we score just before the half and then take the opening possession of the 3rd Q and score. Love getting the ball in the second half.
      - We stayed committed to the run which actually helped in the last drive. We need to show that we are not just a passing team.
      - Whine all you want about the D but we are 10 and 3 and are looking at the #2 seed in the playoffs. Other fans would kill to be in our situation.

      The Bad
      - The tackling effort by the 3 Washington players. Doesn't anyone use fundamentals anymore? The first guy there knows Gronk is big so he decides to man up and hit him in the chest. Just not proper technique. The 2nd guy simply tries to tackle him by the shoulders. Gronk is so big and strong that when he stands up, the DBs feet are now off the ground. Both tend to give up when they get close to the sideline as both assume the other will knock him down. Neither happen and Gronk breaks free.
      - The 3rd defender, instead of hitting the running at the waist and wrapping up, dives at Gronk's feet which only succeeds in making him stumble. He doesn't go down for another 10 yards.
      - On 3rd and 18, McCourty for some reason holds and gives them a first down. He should have given up the reception and just made the tackle. It was easily 10 yards short of the sticks and he had 3 guys in support ready to make the play. Give up the short pass, make the stop and take the punt. Instead, his penalty gives Washington a first down and eventually a TD.
      - Our discipline on D is not there. Too many open guys way down field and then falling for the razzle dazzle.
      - I want Ihedigbo off this team. He is slow. He cannot cover and he cannot tackle. He was hurt twice in this game, just like last week. The guy may be a good ST player but that is it. He is always 3 steps late to make the play. Anyone is better, including the 3 guys we released over the past few weeks.
      - 2 terrible calls trying to protect players. The first was Wilfork falling on the RB. Guys in this league are allowed to get up if they are not touched. Just because Vince outweighs the guy by 150 pounds doesn't make it a penalty. The second was the hit on Brady. Yes he was going into the slide but he was a runner at that point and was not down. The play looked clean and there was no blow to the head.
      - On 3rd and 1, why do we insist on running wide, to the short side of the field with our slowest RB? If BJGE is in, pound the ball. Otherwise run Woodhead to the wide side of the field and let him pick his spot. Did it later in the game on a 2nd down and he had any of 3 holes to choose from (managed 10 yards staying wide)..
      - Why the hell is Tom throwing to Underwood in the EZ? We have 5 guys on the team I would go to first (almost all of whom were on the field.) Branch, Welker, Gronk, Hernandez and Woodhead are all better options at that point. Was he just trying to get the kid his first?
      - We had 2 dropped TDs. Hernandez missed an easy on at the goal line and Welker dropped one just before the pick. Couple that with the gift PI call on McCourty and that's 21 points.

      The Ugly
      - As Gronk is struggling with 2 tacklers, a 3rd Skin stops to watch. Just stands there watching the action. I guess he never heard of playing to the whistle.
      - I don't mind the blow up on the sideline. I don't even mind that they were separated. These are 2 passionate guys who are both pissed at the mistake that was made. It was a bad throw to the wrong WR. Brady F'd up, plain and simple. What I think is ugly is the media's spin on this that there are problems on the sideline and they are blowing this all out of proportion. Listened to Boomer Easiason this morning and he said he had arguments all the time on the sideline as it's part of the game. This is a nothing story that Brady handled perfectly in the press conference. No one is mentioning the hug they gave each other after the INT to seal it.
      - I don't get how teams seem to melt down and just give wins to Denver. Barber runs out of bounds at the end of regulation and stops the clock. Staying in bounds runs off another 30 or so seconds, precious time when you are clinging to a lead. Then in OT, in FG range, fumbling the ball away. Cost his team the win.
      - Can anyone melt down more than Dallas? 12 point lead and I turn off the game. I wake up and hear they lost because Romo misses a wide open WR on 3rd down. D can't hold and their ST screws it up again as icing the kicker this time take a good FG attempt and gets it blocked.


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