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Re: [patriotzip] Nice win...but too close?

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  • Susan Moore
    Yes, I honestly WAS surprised, but after your comment I ll take it down to just a little surprised...lol! Indy is so bad this year, that I thought we d eat
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      Yes, I honestly WAS surprised, but after your comment I'll take it down to just a "little" surprised...lol! Indy is so bad this year, that I thought we'd eat them alive. Did Brady play the whole game? I didn't see the game, but saw the score and at one point we were ahead by a big margin. SO, I thought maybe we put in some second string...oh wait, that would be our defense.
      I'll go along with your mystification of BB's defense--I have always thought of him as the "puppet master" of the game. Sure don't know what is happening out there.
      You sure don't know what will happen from week to week--wish the Giants would have surprised us with a win, but oh well.
      Like you--I'm a lifetime Pats fan, having acquired them by marriage (or a little before that) in the 85/86 season. I was SO mad at that Super Bowl, but that was one that we really KNEW what was going to happen. Not many got past the Bears that year.
      SB for us? I'm not going to fold in the towel yet because that's probably what Giants fans thought in 2008 too (gag, choke...).
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      You were surprised, Susan? The Patriots may have set a record this season for "The team allowing opposing QBs to accomplish their career best passing performance!"

      This defense is a joke. Today, we saw the return of the most overrated CB in the NFL, Devin "McToasty"; who proved, once again, that he couldn't cover a 3-legged anteater!

      I have to admit that I am totally mystified by the game of American football. How is it that we see an "offensive genius" like Brian Billick (remember his Vikings teams?) have an anemic offense for years (as he did in Baltimore); and a "defensive genius" like Bill Belichick have the porous defensive teams that he has had for the last several years in New England?

      Oh well, I guess we just have to adjust to the reality that we will never know what will happen in this game from week to week; and enjoy the game on a "play by play" level. :-)

      At this point in time, there are only 2 things of which I'm certain:
      1. The Patriots are, and always will be, "my team". My support for them began in 1960, and will last for the rest of my life.
      2. The Patriots will not win the Super Bowl this season. They simply do not have a strong enough defense to get it done. :-(

      George -

      On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 9:22 AM, Susan Moore <scmoore90@...> wrote:

      I was surprised that the Nags came that close to us--did we let down at all or what happened?
      Does anyone know offhand who would have the tiebreaker right now for best overall record in the AFC? Four teams are tied, but I guess it doesn't matter until after game 16--was just wondering.
      Dang Giants--they can beat us, but can't beat Green Bay? Where are the spoilers when we need them (or me, I guess). I hate the Packers and don't want to seem them go undefeated. I think that we were a better team in our 16-0 season than that Packers are right now. Also, da-Bears in 85-86 were SO much better, but they didn't go undefeated. Did anyone actually think that they ever would lose?

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