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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Eagles)

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  • Levine, David
    The Good - Um, where do I start. Brady? Welker? How about Branch. The Twig had a great game and showed why he is valuable to this team. The broken play
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2011
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      The Good
      - Um, where do I start. Brady? Welker? How about Branch. The Twig had a great game and showed why he is valuable to this team. The broken play down the sideline was a perfect example. Following Brady's lead, he burned the DB on the 3rd move and headed down the sideline. The cutback to the middle of the field was fantastic but he should have kept going that way and probably would have scored.
      - BJGE continues to make the most of his limited opportunities. Punching the ball in from close range twice and running hard every other time.
      - Nice to see Vereen and Ridley get some touches. Both seem like they could be good players for us in the future.
      - Special teams dominated the return game. Both Zoltan and Ghost kept the Philly returners at bay.
      - I really like the way Edelman plays. He is full out all the time. The tackle on Young, one on one, was textbook.
      - Hernandez had a very nice game. Made a couple of difficult catches and also got the key first down on our 1st scoring drive.
      - Molden's INT was a very well played ball. He may actually be a player for us.
      - Love the fact that we are scoring just before the half and then get the ball to start the 3rd Q. Back to back scores really changes the complexion of the game.
      - That 4th Q drive to put the game away was a masterpiece. Nice mix of run and pass. Quick plays, long plays. It had everything.
      - Gronk continues to shine.
      - Before the game got out of hand, our 3rd down D only allowed 1 out of 10. Not a bad day's work.

      The Bad
      - I almost had the feeling we were in for a long day and a letdown game after the first 2 series. The long pass was actually well covered, just a better throw and catch. Holding for a FG actually gave me hope.
      - Holy cow, can we stop with the injuries already?
      - If DeSean wasn't such a head case, the score could have been a little closer that it shows. He dropped 2 TDs that could have kept the Eagles in the game. Hard to tell though as we just kept scoring every time we touched the ball.
      - Another easy miss my Ghost followed by a bomb later in the game. Against a better team, those points could be costly.
      - The Jets snuck by and beat the Bills. Sanchez is getting all sorts of props for leading them to another win. I was hoping they would lose and their season over with.
      - No one is giving the Denver D any credit for these wins. With Tebow taking all the credit, no one sees that the O is still bad. Their D is keeping them in the game.
      - Vollmer still looks hurt and slower than usual. I would like to see us rest him for a game and see if we can get him back in shape.

      The Ugly
      - Dierdork is really bad. Didn't understand what was going on a couple of times and just started making stuff up. Never really corrected himself, just changed what he was saying and kept rolling. He really gets on my nerves.
      - Anyone got an arm? Houston is looking for a QB. Please don't let it be Favre.
      - Suh is a great player but his actions cost his team a win. He should be gone for a game or 2 as well.
      - Do you think BB would put up with DeSean Jackson's antics if he were the coach. At least Ried benched him for the 4th Q.

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