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Re: [patriotzip] Re: TEEEEE-BOWWWW!

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  • George Richman
    Totally agree with you, Frank. Thursday night games are a very bad idea. The league is supposed to be so injury conscious these days. What can be more
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      Totally agree with you, Frank. Thursday night games are a very bad idea. The league is supposed to be so "injury conscious" these days. What can be more dangerous than playing two games in the NFL with just 3 days rest?! They should discontinue this scheduling practice, IMO.

      Here's my idea. STOP scheduling rotating bye weeks. Have a bye for ALL teams on the Sunday before Thanksgiving; then play a full schedule on Thanksgiving Day. (No Monday night game on the following Monday.) Now THAT would be a truly "injury conscious" schedule for those hypocritical bastards in the NFL HQ!

      It won't happen, because they don't think they can figure out a way to avoid losing money with the full league bye week, or the missing MNF game. As I said, hypocrites!


      On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 12:38 AM, frankdanabrewster <frank.dana@...> wrote:

      Now, I'm not one to show any sympathy for the Jets. A Pats win is the only thing better than a Jets loss. But why on earth does the league schedule any team on Sunday night, then Thursday night. It's absurd. JMO.

      But I guess in this case... ;o)


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, "Susan Moore" <scmoore90@...> wrote:
      > You beat me to this post, George..lol! I didn't know there was a game last night, so it was a nice surprise to see that score in the sports section just now.
      > Of course we have to win this weekend too, but it would be nice to see the Fish beat the Jills and then we'd be two games up on the division.
      > SWEET!! GO PATS!!
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      > From: George Richman
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      > Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 8:44 PM
      > Subject: [patriotzip] TEEEEE-BOWWWW!
      > With a GREAT, almost 1-man drive, Broncos QB Tim Tebow beat the Jets!!
      > If you watched the game, did you notice that even Rex Ryan was smiling
      > and shaking his head along the sideline after Tebow scored to give the
      > Broncos the lead. :-)
      > Huge win for the Broncos ... and, of course, for "my" New England Patriots!!
      > --
      > George

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