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  • Ed Bryant
    Former Los Angeles Charger Assistant Coach Al Davis no more created the Oakland Raiders than George did.   Davis served as an Assistant Coach under Sid
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      Former Los Angeles Charger Assistant Coach Al Davis no more created the Oakland Raiders than George did.
      Davis served as an Assistant Coach under Sid Gillman, the father of the modern offense.  As Bill Belichick pointed out last week during one interview with lots of mikes and notepads, when he auditioned for the role of Raiders' coach in 1998, he told Davis Davis wouldn't hire him because Davis coaches his own defense and so always hires guys from the offense to coach the team. In fact, Davis hires 29 year old John Madden, offensive line coach Tom Cable, 31 year old Lane Kiffen, guys he can expect won't kick Davis out of the gym the way Gene Hackman kicked Chelsie Ross out of the Hickory Gym on the first day of practice!  (Ross was over it by the time he'd walked from Hickory to South Bend to coach Notre Dame football).
      After Eddie Erdelatz was fired, Davis moved to the Raiders.  The Raiders had been the last place team (of four) in the AFL West, but after they opened 2-4, he rallied the troops to finish 10-4, a job at least as praiseworthy as the job Parcells did here in 1994.
      Al Davis shepherded the AFL into the merger, saving our team in the process; when the NHL took the dregs of the WHA, they only took on four teams.  When the NBA merged with the ABA, they paid off Salt Lake City and they got John Y. Brown a half-interest in Buffalo to keep him from suing the NBA on anti-trust grounds, but in Al Davis's merger, all ten teams survived; of the ten, the Boston Patriots were by far the most expendable. 
      When the NFL wouldn't let Billy Sullivan raise money by selling pieces of the Patriots, Billy, George's great friend since 1976, copied Al Davis, suing the NFL in anti-trust, even using Al's lawyer, who was also Billy Sullivan's son in law, the cradle robber!
      Over a fourteen year period, the NFC punked the AFC'd thireen of fourteen in the Super Bowl, the lone exception being when our Jim Plunkett and our Michael Haynes with help from Lester Hayes singled covered the wide-outs for a Redskin team that had scored over 500 points, upholding by a 38-9 count the honor of the AFC.
      Davis's teams have been every bit as inventive, every bit as willing to go to the edge and just past, as have... Belichick's teams. 
      Al Davis's "Just Win, Baby!" is from the era of Kojak.  Vince Lombardi's "Winning is the only thing" is not morally superior, and as Parcells pointed out, your won-loss record is who you are.
      Jack Tatum's hit was legal, and probably forgiveable in the regular season.  His attitude about the play thereafter was subhuman, but Darryl Stingley was visited in the hospital, not by Tatum, not by any of the Patriots, but by John Madden.
      Al Davis has made enemies, and no one is ever going to build a stadium in LA for him; Buffalo, Jacksonville, San Diego, and Minnesota are all in line ahead of any need to blackball Al, but when the time comes, he will sue again.  For the record, he is the managing general partner of the Raiders.  When the Raiders had a value of close to zero, Davis used some of his wife's money to acquire his ownership share, but it took Coach Davis to make the team worth what it is worth, and it remains the least valuable team in the NFL, because of the lack of a modern stadium.
      Al Davis would be his own worst enemy if the rest of you hadn't lined up so early, but like every other ambitious human being, there is a lot of Al Davis to admire, and some things to loathe. 
      Don Hasselback is one more former Patriot not giving back his Super Bowl ring!  He might envy Russ Francis, who got his as a 49'er, but is Eddie DeBartolo really morally superior to Davis, just cuz he had Lott and Montana instead of Tatum and Stabler?

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      Mark, I have hated the Raiders since the team was created by the unprincipled, unsportsmanlike, S.O.B. that owns that team. I will hate the Raiders until the day that Al Davis dies! From the first day that he created that team, his rule has been " ... total disregard for the rules, figuring that it won't all get called." Al Davis is the most evil man in the world of professional football!!

      On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 9:40 PM, Mark Morse <packy001@...> wrote:
      Campbell was throwing to aWR that was cutting across the back of  endzone, along the endline.  The WR was facing the QB, but stopped the route and cut back to his left.  Chung was down toward the front of the endzone and moved back to catch it.  Campbell wasn't trying to throw away the pass (altough he probably should have). 
      The Raiduhs were guilty on some type of violaton on every play of the game.  They have total disregard for the rules, fuguring that it won't all get called.  There were multiple holding on the O-line that was just plain pathetic.  Wilford getting his shirt pulled (how do you find any loose material on that shirt to grab hold of?), Anderson and Carter getting tackled rushing the QB, another Olineman with his arm completely behind the back of the Pats rushers holding him. 
      Glad they got the Arrington call correct.  I was screaming for an incedental contact call, which is waht they finally ruled.  The arm bar Arrington used is the same type of move that Baltimore and Jests Revis get away with all the time.
      Also I thought Welker's reception at the 1 should have been ruled a TD.  He hit the pylon and that is a TD.  Ball does not have to cross the goaline on that type of play.
      Mark Morse
      Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup
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      Subject: [patriots] Thoughts on the game

      Our offense continues to be really, really good -- love that we ran the ball.

      Our defense ... I wish they hadn't let up the last TD, but despite looking horrible all day, only giving up 13 points when it mattered was actually pretty good. But how often is the opposing QB going to not be able to throw the ball away in the end zone? Still, I thought it was a positive step and hopefully they'll continue to get better. I guess that's really all we can hope for, even with the injuries.

      Was really frustrated with the refs. Brady gets hit with both fricking hands in the head and there's no penalty? Come on! That's textbook against the rules these days. Wore than what Hamilton did a few decades ago.

      Watching the Jets game was a lot of fun too. Sanchez looked horrible. I know they were missing a really good center, but come on. We're missing our good center too, and we didn't utterly collapse. I just hope we don't make Sanchez look like an all-pro next week, but I fear we will.

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