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Turning Point

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  • Don Diamant
    There is a new football show, on VS a fairly new cable sports channel, called Turning Point . Each week they review two games and discuss the game changing
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 1, 2011

      There is a new football show, on VS a fairly new cable sports channel, called ‘Turning Point’.  Each week they review two games and discuss the game changing plays, what happened and why.  They end the show with Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy breaking down plays from two teams that will face each other the coming week.  The Rodney and Dungy segment is well done and similar to the local ‘Patriots All Access’ Belistrator segment.  If you haven’t seen it you may want to check it out, it’s on Thursday evenings and they replay it over the next week several times.


      This week the Patriots vs. Bills game was one of the two games.  They did a really nice job of piecing it all together and showing why it played out like it did.  Brady still takes most of the blame but the Bills did a really good job of playing to our weaknesses.  The national television coverage did a really poor job of conveying to us what was happening on the field but they are covering the game live and VS has a few days to put it all together.  They showed how the wrong call was made on the Bills touchdown that wasn’t.  There was an official on the goal line but Jackon’s knee being down was obscured by Arrington so the official had it as a touchdown because the next part of Jackson ’s body to touch was his forearm and the ball was across the goal line.  When reviewed the officials had an angle that was not shown to us on the television.  It would have been impossible to spot the ball on the exact spot the runner was down at but they could spot it fairly close, it was obvious in this angle he did not make a touchdown from this angle.  It was clearly refutable.  Also, the officials did not spot the ball on the one yard line as the talking heads indicated; it was about a foot from the goal line, not a yard but inches.  The last penalty that gave the Bills a fresh set of downs which was the proverbial nail in the coffin was against Wilfork.  The ball had come loose and Wilfork was pushing into the pile to move Bills players who were also trying to get into the pile.  I’ve seen this, no exaggeration, hundreds of times before and no penalty was called.  The players are supposed to still play the ball on a fumble after the whistle so what are you going to do?  If I were Wilfork and faced with such a situation I would do it again.  The chances of getting a turnover are greater than they are for getting a penalty for finishing the play.


      Rodney and Dungy reviewed the Jets and the Ravens and used team film so it was much better for seeing the action on the field.  They both agreed the Ravens are a better team, it is likely the Jets will lose.  I hope they are right because we may need it this week as well.  The Raiders don’t look to be rolling over and playing dead for any team.  If we can’t shutdown their run game I think it’s going to be a tough day for us.


      Is Randy Moss still available?  Chad “Ochocinco” is making rookie mistakes.  It’s hard to believe this is the same guy who used to be a game changing player.



    • frankdanabrewster
      Haynesworth, Dowling, and Bodden... out! fdb
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 1, 2011
        Haynesworth, Dowling, and Bodden... out!


        --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, "frankdanabrewster" <frank.dana@...> wrote:
        > Sheesh, where's Earthwind Moreland when you need him...
        > fdb
        > --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, Rich Carreiro <rlcarr@> wrote:
        > >
        > > Out
        > > TE Aaron Hernandez (knee)
        > > OT Sebastian Vollmer (back)
        > > DL Mike Wright (concussion)
        > >
        > > Questionable
        > > CB Kyle Arrington (chest)
        > > CB Leigh Bodden (groin)
        > > S Patrick Chung (hand)
        > > CB Ras-I Dowling (hip)
        > > DL Shaun Ellis (knee)
        > > LB Gary Guyton (hamstring)
        > > DT Albert Haynesworth (back)
        > > WR Taylor Price (hamstring)
        > > OL Ryan Wendell (calf)
        > >
        > > Probable
        > > S Josh Barrett (thumb)
        > > LB Dane Fletcher (thumb)
        > >
        > > --
        > > Rich Carreiro rlcarr@
        > >
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