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  • Don Diamant
    In Benny s defense the problem is not his hitting the holes hard. The problem is the defenders are in our backfield before he can hit the hole. If not for his
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      In Benny’s defense the problem is not his hitting the holes hard.  The problem is the defenders are in our backfield before he can hit the hole.  If not for his hardnosed tough play his short gains would have been losses.  We have considerable inexperience on the offensive line and it at times shows.




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      Wes Welker played great and wound up with a career day. Gronkowski had a
      big day. Mesko was able to continue punting duties and the Ghost kicked
      well. Edelman had some good returns. That covers most of the positives.

      The rest of the team made lots of mistakes and the Pats lost a game they
      could have and should have won. Ochocinco set the tempo when he had a TD
      catch in his hands but dropped it in his haste to get it into the EZ. The
      team and the game seemed to go downhill from there as the Pats had built a
      good lead but then seemed to find ways to not make plays. The thing that
      gives me pause is that Buffalo didn't play that well, especially in the
      first half. Fitzgerald's accuracy was erratic at best, they couldn't finish
      their drives and the Pats 'D' even with all the injuries were keeping the
      Pats in the game despite all the miscues and bad plays. McCourty appears to
      have developed a full-blown case of Sophmore jinx, the law firm isn't
      seeing and hitting the holes he was finding last year nor does he seem to
      be moving the pile like in the past and Tom Brady continues to be
      maddeningly erratic. After two stellar games TB was wild and inaccurate
      after going perfect for much of the first quarter. Bodden didn't play like
      the experienced veteran that he supposed to be, on one defense he was a
      good five yards from the receiver then had to chase him down after a big
      gain. I could go on and on but it is probably better to put this one in the
      past and hope the Pats needed to get a stinker out of the way and did and
      are now ready to play like they are capable and like they want to win
      against the Raiders who will be a tough test.


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