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Re: Pats Comings and Goings

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  • Scott Sheaffer
    No FB, light on healthy OL, No 3rd TE .... What is going on??? When the Pats drafted Ridley, I saw him becoming a fullback. They used him as a
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      <Mark> No FB, light on healthy OL, No 3rd TE .... What is going on???

      <Scott> When the Pats drafted Ridley, I saw him becoming a fullback. They used him as a halfback in the preseason though. He looked good running the ball and catching it. I think  he did a decent job in pass protection too. Let's see what he can do as a lead blocker. Before the preseason, I was ready to see Morris go, but he was in as a lead blocker in lots of   successful short yardage situations this preseason. So, now I feel uneasy seeing him off the roster. A lot of people these days figure you might as well put a lineman or a tight end in the backfield to lead block. I've always thought it was important to have a guy who can see the holes and read a defense the way a running back does. Plus, it's good to have a triple threat who can block or run or catch and thus give the play an increased level of unpredictability. TE Aaron Hernandez can block on the LOS and he can catch, and we've seen him run end arounds, but how good is he taking a hand-off and going right up the gut of a defense. As a lead blocker, how good is he at reading the play and making the same decision the RB behind him is going to make? Maybe he can do this stuff, but is he going to do it as well as a running back?

      I thought Lee Smith had a shot at making it through waivers, but I didn't think there was any much chance Yeatman would clear. I don't think the Pats should have gambled there. I didn't sense there was much interest in Tarpinian. In any event, the Pats coaches have seen a lot more of Tarpinian than we fans have. As a fan who saw Yeatman play and didn't get a glimpse of what Tarpinian would do, I would have kept Yeatman. 

      I love the Brian Waters signing. I think Marcus Cannon is the future at right guard. Cannon won't be available early in the season. Plus, with Waters onboard, we may not have to rush Cannon onto the field. I think Connolly did a decent job filling in last year, but once Cannon was ready to go, he'll be a considerable upgrade. With Connolly hurt and Ohrenberger on IR, we were looking at serious early season problems. Waters provides a good solution. Plus with Mankins, he can help groom Cannon for the future. Like Shaun Ellis, Cannon is an old veteran who's been a great player, but who's getting up there in years. I think both guys still have enough in the tank to contribute, and both guys are nearing the end of  their careers and would love to win Super Bowl rings I assume before they're done. Waters may not be as dominant as he once was, and some say he got to the Pro Bowl on reputation last year, BUT he didn't give up a QB sack in 16 games last year and only a few pressures. His run blocking continued to be good. As far as guards, he was rated ahead of both Stephen Neal and Connolly last year. 

      Scott Sheaffer
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