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Re: Fat Albert's 1st practice

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  • Mark Morse
    Hey all,   I attended part of today s practice, and Fat Albert is absolutely huge.  With that said he can still move going forward and he absoluetly
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      Hey all,
      I attended part of today's practice, and Fat Albert is absolutely huge.  With that said he can still move going forward and he absoluetly destroyed OG Austin on the 1st play of 3 on 3 drill.  Then again on the 1st play of 11 on 11 he blew up the double team of Wendell and Ohrnberger.  At the very least he will be a force on passing downs (if he can get his act together off field).  I am impressed how quickly he got on the field (passing the conditionig test and participating in the morning walkthrough then the afternoon practice in pads.
      Mark Morse
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      Mike Rodak:

      Haynesworth the story. In his first full pads practice
      with the team, newly-acquired defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth stole the show. Upon arriving on the practice fields, Haynesworth was greeted with and acknowledged cheers from the crowd. During the first 11-on-11
      work of the session, Haynesworth lined up along Vince Wilfork on the
      inside of a four-man line and wowed the capacity crowd by mauling
      through guard Rich Ohrnberger and center Ryan Wendell to crash the
      backfield. His presence was felt. However, Haynesworth had little if any participation in the remaining drills of practice, and was seen doing
      stretching work with the team's training staff instead of running
      end-of-practice sprints. While clearly a dominating force when in
      action, Haynesworth's health is something that bears watching.

      * If he gets his ass in shape,  he can pancake OL's a lot. He's a very strong guy.

      Steve - we already had a Big Al
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    • Machado.Nicholas
      ... Harry
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 2, 2011
        >We could call AH 'Huge Al' to differentiate


        >Steve - we already had a Big Al
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