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  • Mark Morse
    Undrafted Free Agents (cont) What home grown Patriot Un-Drafted Free Agent from Tufts University became a starter for the Patriots?        Defense  
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2011
      Undrafted Free Agents (cont)

      What home grown Patriot Un-Drafted Free Agent from Tufts University became a
      starter for the Patriots?     
      Brandon Bair DE Oregon 6’6” 276 4.92 – Intriguing prospect that played DT at
      Oregon but is projected as a 3-4 DE.  He needs to add about 20-25 lbs to play DE

      in 3-4.  He reminds me of Mike Wright.  Also needs more work in the weight room.

      Ugo Chinassa DE Oklahoma St 6’5” 264 4.63 – Chinassa is an enigma.  He has all
      the tools to be a great 4-3 DE, but he just doesn’t play hard on every play. 
      His sacks dropped from his Jr year (6.5) to just 3.5 in his Senior season.  Has
      the speed and strength to beat O Linemen, but just hasn’t put it together.

      Marc Schiechl DE Colorado School of Mines 6’2” 252 4.65 38 Bench Reps – DII
      career sack leader with 46 sacks, 4th all-time for Tackles for loss 70.5.  Yes
      it was against inferior competition, but someone with that kind of production
      needs an opportunity to show what he can do (Danny Woodhead come to mind).  In
      fact he played against Woodhead.  Remember that Jerry Rice was a DII player as
      well.  Have you ever heard of something called the Kirwin Explosiveness Index
      (KEI).  This was developed by NFL.com’s Pat Kirwin to measure a players
      explosiveness or in the case of a DE or LB, potential for rushing the passer. 
      It is a combination of Bench Reps, Broad Jump and Vertical Jump.  A rating of 70

      indicates the player is explosive.  Schiechl is off the charts at 83 (BR 38, BJ
      10, VJ 35).  

      Blaine Sumner DT Colorado School of Mines 6’1” 334 5.35  When scouts look at
      Schiechl’s tape they see this behemoth Nose Tackle.   Incredibly strong …
      benched 225 lbs 49 times at his Pro Day which tied the Combine record (a
      disputed 52 at the Air Force Pro Day)!  He has bench pressed 635 lbs, squat 900
      lbs, deadlift 800 lbs and 400 in the hang clean.  Good lateral movement to go
      sideline to sideline.  Check out his videos on You Tube.  Short arms may be a

      Ian Williams DT Notre Dame 6’ 1” 319 5.13 – Very fast for someone his size. 
      Prototypical NT, that plays the two gap system very well.  Stout with thick
      lower body.  Could surprise people in the NFL.  Compares very well to GB DT BJ

      Corbin Bryant DT Northwestern 6’ 3” 297 5.02 – Only played one year of football
      in HS.  Was team captain in 2010.  Some question his motor and his athleticism
      doesn’t always translate to his play.  Needs to be stronger. 

      Cedric Thornton DT Southern Arkansas 6’ 3” 309 5.12 – I think he has outstanding

      speed for a 3-4 tackle.  First team D II All American in 2010, had 23 tackles
      for loss and 8.5 sacks in 2009.

      Martin Parker DT Richmond 6’ 2” 303 4.90 – Impressive numbers for a FCS school.
       Had 8.7 tackles per game in 2010 and made 75 tackles for 2009.  His 16 career
      sacks are impressive as well coming from a DT.  Lacks strength but more than
      makes up for it in quickness.   

      Chris Stewart NT/OG Notre Dame 6’ 5” 318 5.57 - Yes he is tortoise slow, but he
      is so wide he has his own area code.  He played both positions at ND, and he is
      probably better at NT.  He graduated last year and spent this past season in
      graduate school studying for the Bar Exam.  

      Mark Herzlich ILB Boston College 6’4” 242 4.9 – 2008 ACC Defensive Player of the

      Year.  Everyone knows Herzlichs story.  He is an outstanding young man that
      deserves an opportunity.  His intelligence and football savvy is
      unquestionable.  He needs another year to fully recover from his bone cancer. 
      He is well worth the gamble.  Unfortunately, he has Tom Condon as his agent and
      the Patriots would not rather talk to him, so signing him is a long shot. 

      Jeff Tarpinian OLB Iowa 6’3” 235 ??? – I assume he is fast since he was a
      converted safety who was also an option QB in High School.  He was the 2005
      Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Nebraska.  Injury prone  and missed

      parts of every season.  Had 97 career tackles and returned to start at OLB in
      Iowa’s Bowl victory.  He was listed ahead of Herzlich by Wes Bunting as the top
      5 LB UDFA’s.

      Steve Friday OLB Virginia Tech 6’3” 240 4.64 – Will be a 25 yo rookie who only
      started his last game Jr year and all Senior season.  Highly recruited coming
      out of HS he was the #10 ranked DE in the country.  Never could crack the lineup

      at VT until injuries gave him an opportunity.

      Tom McCarthy OLB/DE Yale 6’5” 265 4.72 – Needs to get stronger (only 20 reps). 
      Ivy league competition.  Team Captain who led the defense in sacks (4) and
      tackles (31).  2009 Team DL MVP.

      Keith Darbut OLB/DE Baldwin – Wallace 6’4” 230 4.38 – DIII player who ran an
      incredible 4.38 at his Pro Day and ran 4.32 for a Colts workout.  Had 10.5 sacks

      his senior season and was 2nd team all American and Ohio Conference Defensive
      Lineman of the Year.  Compares to Jason Taylor, needs to be coached up.  Using
      the Kirwin Explosiveness Index he scored a 73.5.  Would be a demon on Special
      Teams while he learns the pro game.  Also caught 40 yard TD pass by just running

      away from the defenders.  Could be a situational Pass Rusher in 3-4.

      Tom Keiser OLB/DE Stanford  6’ 3 261 4.76 – Keiser made a bad decision to come
      out early.  He had 4-.5 sacks in 2010 and 9 in 2009.  He has the ability to play

      in this league. Conversion project to 3-4 OLB.

      Ryan Jones  CB Northwest Missouri St.    5’11” 200 4.48 – D II player has
      reputation as a big hitter.  Excellent Special Teams player as a gunner and
      coming off the edge to block kicks.  Supports the run very well and has coverage

      skills as well.  

      Jeron Johnson S Boise St 5’10” 212 4.51 – Rated #5 SS in draft by NFL Draft
      Scout.  He had 318 career tackles in his 44 Games Started, and led Boise St
      three straight years in tackles.  Only three INT in his career.

      DeAndre McDaniel FS Clemson 6’ 217 4.63 – I Have no idea why he wasn’t drafted. 

      He has a nose for the ball, whether its being in the right place for an
      interception or making a tackle.  Knock against him is that he doesn’t have
      speed.  Yet Rodney Harrison had 4.8 speed?  Led Tigers Defense with 73 tackles
      and had 4 INT with 6 other pass breakups.  In 2009 he had 102 Tackles and 8
      INTs.  238 career tackles.
      Joe Lefeged SS Rutgers 6’ 210 4.42 – Slightly under
      6’ , Three year starter (50 GS), durable with 49 consecutive starts.  Broke the
      school record with 948 KO return yards in 2010.  He finished with 238 career
      tackles.  Blocked two punts against Florida International in 2010.

      Mark Morse
      Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup
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