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My draft Take

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  • Levine, David
    Before I read too many articles of people going off the deep end about the lack of a pass rush, here is my take on the draft. Nate Solder - OT Not sexy but a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2011
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      Before I read too many articles of people going off the deep end about the lack of a pass rush, here is my take on the draft.
      Nate Solder – OT
      Not sexy but a solid pick for us.  Yes, many rushers were on the board and I was actually calling for Prince Anawhatever when we were on the clock.  He is the by far the most athletic OT in the draft and is utterly huge.  6’9” and over 320 lbs is a load.  He needs to learn to leverage a little more and some technique but is a solid, NFL ready player.  Let Dante work his magic and  can make this kid elite.

      Ras-I Dowling- CB
      Since I was calling for a CB in the first, I am not as upset with this pick as many other people.  He is a first round talent but fell because of some injury issues.  He has the size that we are lacking at CB.  Look at all the fade patterns that we gave up last year for TDs.  Ras-I has the size, strength and ability to break those up.  Not a true need but not a wasted pick by far.  Will be a nice 3rd option at DB.
      Shane Vereen – RB
      Many were clamoring for Ingram in the first round.  We found a guy that BB likes later in the draft that allowed us to stockpile for next year.  Don’t know much about him but seems to spell the end of one of my favorite players ever in Faulk.  Built the same and does pretty much everything Faulk can do.  Plays the pass well, is a special teams ace and can run a little bit.  Can he do it at a pro level?  Too soon to tell.
      Stevan Ridley – RB
      We needed to upgrade the run game and we succeeded.  I actually like this pick better than Vereen as he is a bruising back who will move the chains.  Can play RB and FB as well as ST.  He will push BJGE for playing time.  Could be a good in a year or 2.  Taylor and Morris are both gone so this was actually a need.
      Ryan Mallett – QB
      If his head were on straight, he would be a first round pick.  Since he is a little nutty, he drops to the 4th.  Maybe that will act as a wakeup call for him.  One of the most talented QBs in the draft.  Plays in a pro style O and can read and react with the best.  Will he put in the work to become a starter in the NFL?  He’d better or Brady might kill him.
      Marcus Canon – OG
      If there is one guy in this draft you root for, it’s this guy.  Going through cancer treatment dropped him out of the top of the 2nd round.  Incredible value here for another need position.  He will recover and will make a huge difference on the line.  It may not be until the middle of this year or next but this is someone you want on your line.  He is just a man.
      Lee Smith – TE
      We overhauled the TE position last year and picked up 2 great players.  BB goes deep into his bag of tricks for this one.  A super blocker who seems to have decent hands.  A year studying will help him out.  Will replace Crumpler or allow us to use Hernandez as a split end in a pseudo 3 TE set.
      Markel Carter – DE
      Got the edge rusher we needed, but is a huge project.  I certainly hope BB has a FA guy in mind or someone on the roster is going to have to make huge strides forward.
      Malcom Williams - CB 
      Apparently, he plays CB.  That’s about the extent of my knowledge
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