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Re: [patriotzip] What to root for this Sunday

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  • Stephen Basile
    Packers. Rogers deserves it, the Steelers don t, and Ben certainly doesn t. In many states he d be in jail rather than on TV. I can put aside the Pack
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 4, 2011
      Packers.  Rogers deserves it, the Steelers don't, and Ben certainly doesn't.  In many states he'd be in jail rather than on TV.

      I can put aside the Pack beating us in the Super Bowl because our special teams sucked and they picked off Bledsoe about a million times--they beat us fairly.  Those teams are long gone, and if I spent my life holding grudges that long I'd be even grayer up top than I already am. (Except the Giants--that grudge is forever)

      Go Packer--no 3rd ring for Ben, who seems to do all his off the field thinking with his little head.


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      On Feb 3, 2011, at 2:52 PM, Rich Carreiro wrote:


      I find it pretty hard to argue with Snapp's list:


      Rich Carreiro rlcarr@...

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