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College All Star Game Report

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  • Mark Morse
    Now that the College All Star Games are in our rear view mirror, it’s time to analyze the players that performed well and those that did poorly in the East
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2011
      Now that the College All Star Games are in our rear view mirror, it’s time to
      analyze the players that performed well and those that did poorly in the East
      /West Shrine and Senior Bowl games.   My slant is always on who I think the
      Patriots would be looking at.  Remember that no Juniors can play in either of
      these games and that Juniors will dominate the 1st round.

      East / West Shrine Game
      Worst E/W game I have ever seen.  The QB play was horrible.  That was really
      unfair to the WR that were trying to impress.  Therefore, my evaluations on WR’s
      are Incomplete.  I was really looking forward to seeing the Cecil Shorts III
      from DIII Mount Union, the same school that produced WR Pierre Garcon (IND). 
      Shorts is the two time DIII player of the year.
      Marvin Austin DT UNC – Austin was suspended by the NCAA for all of 2010 because
      he had received gifts from an agent.  Not having played all year this was an
      audition for Austin.  He played pretty well for not playing all year.
      Will Rackley OT Lehigh – Rackley can play all the OL positions and seems better
      suited for OG.  He held his own against better competition.  He was one of the
      two OL that really stood out.
      Joe Barksdale OT LSU – The massive LT dominated the week of practice and showed
      well in the game.  With so many good OT’s in the draft, Barksdale could slip to
      Day Three.  He would be a great candidate for the Dante school for Fat Boys!
      Shiloh Keo SS Idaho – he impressed me with his overall attitude, desire, hustle
      and leadership.  A captain at Idaho, he volunteered for every special teams in
      the game.  He can return punts and at 6’ 223#’s he is a load.  Not fast (4.67)
      but more than makes up for that in quickness and hustle.  He is a very
      intelligent football player and someone that would fit in well with the
      Senior Bowl
      Four Top OT’s were featured in this game.
      Nate Solder OT Colorado 6”8” 314 4.89 former TE (he looks more like a big TE)
      Anthony Costanzo BC 6’7” 305 5.03 played well at RT, looked awful at OG.  Best
      pass blocker of the bunch.
      Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St  6’6” 312 5.22 – mammoth size, needs work in
      pass blocking.
      Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin – 6’ 7” 315 5.12 another huge man.  Compare to former
      Eagles OT Jon Runyan.  He has a nasty streak and is an accomplished run
      blocker.  Most reports were good on him, DraftNasty.com had a negative report. 
      A report stated that Carimi had contact with the Patriots while at the Senior
      Bowl and when questioned what did they ask you, he stated they said don’t tell
      them anything!  Curious that Carimi didn’t play in the game because of an ankle
      injury?  Carimi Sounds like a typical Patriot and he is one of the players I
      have going to the Patriots in the 1st two selections. 

      Cameron Jordan DT CAL  6’4” 287 4.85 looks perfect for the 5 technique of a 3-4
      DE.  He was disruptive all week in practice and played well in the game.   I am
      hoping he didn’t play himself ahead of the #17 pick.
      Ahmad Black SS FLA 5’9” 183 4.51 – small for a Safety.  Very instinctive and
      plays hard all the time.  He is just a player you have to account for all the
      time.  Very impressive week.  Excellent open field tackler.  Black reportedly
      talked to the Pats staff at the combine.
      Von Miller OLB Texas A&M was the defensive star at the Senior bowl.  Don’t get
      excited about him, he will be gone in the top 10 picks.
      Leonard Hankerson WR (U)  6’ 2” 205 4.52 A long strider that had mixed results
      at U this year because of poor QB play.  He was the offensive star of the game. 
       Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue – too small to be a 4-3 end and not fast enough or
      stout enough at the 3-4 end.  He can put pressure on the QB, but on other plays
      he was invisible.
      Phil Taylor DT Baylor 6’4”337 – Dominated the LOS at the Senior bowl practices
      and game.  Will be the 1st NT taken.  Look for the Jets to nab him.

      Danny Watkins OT Baylor 6’4” 312 5.17 – Watkins played exclusively at OG and
      looked very good.  Solid pass blocker and a nasty streak as well.  He was a LT
      at Baylor.  BB loves to take OT’s and make them OG’s.
      John Moffitt OG/OC Wisconsin 6’4” 314 5.26 – He looked terrific at OC.  His
      shotgun snaps were great.  He is a wide body OG, a little slow afoot but strong
      at the point of attack.  Again another player with a nasty reputation.  He
      raised his value at the Senior Bowl.
      Jeremy Beal DE/OLB Oklahoma 6’2” 268 4.79 – quick pass rusher that played up. 
      Jumped offsides twice and was only called once but he got great jumps.   
      Pernell McPhee DE/OLB Mississippi St 6’3” 274 4.76 Lanky pass rusher that looked
      good standing up in the 2 pt stance. 

      Brooks Reed DE/OLB Arizona 6’3”257 4.73 an all out hustle guy that shows he can
      put the pressure on the QB .  A little light for a 3-4 LB. 

      Five unheralded players:
      Vincent Brown WR San Diego St.  5’ 11” 184 4.52 – he has great hands and catches
      everything in his zone.  Not exceptionally fast but has good moves.  Could be a
      day three steal. 

      Roy Helu Jr RB Nebraska 5’ 11” 216 4.52 Looked very good blocking and catching
      the ball out of the backfield.  His running in the game was very good as well. 
      Hit the hole fast and was very quick.
      Kendric Bruney CB North Carolina 5’ 9” 181 4.47  Good cover corner, not big but
      will make some team as a special teams ace and nickel corner.
      Richard Sherman DB Stanford 6’2 192 4.57 – He was a late addition to the Senior
      Bowl replacing Curtis Marsh (UTAH St).  Very interesting prospect.  He is tall
      and long armed DB.  Former WR that had 7 TD’s receiving his 1st two years at
      Stanford, 2 TD’s on returns and 1 TD on Int.  he has only played DB two years. 
      Looked good during the game but also had a colossal mistake at the end of the
      1st half, letting Leonard Hankerson behind him on a last second heave. 
      Hankerson put a double move on him and left him there.  Mike Mayock was all over
      him for that lack of judgment, not taking into consideration the situational
      awareness of the time on the clock.
      Charles Clay FB/HB/TE Tulsa 6’3 239 4.67 – He proved that he could block this
      week.  Add that to his prodigious production at Tulsa; 3465 all purpose yards,
      179 carries, 911 yards, (5.09 per carry) 10 TD’s; 189 catches 2554 yards, (13.5
      YPC) and 28 TD’s.  That’s 38 TD’s in his 4 years.  You have to find a place for
      this guy on your team.  He is a nightmare for defensive coordinators.  I could
      see him in the role of Sammy Morris (short yardage, good pass receiver).   
       Also check out Wes Bunting at national Football Post  he has a great player
      list of over 300 players with writeups on most of them.

      Mark Morse
      Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup
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