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Re: [patriotzip] Re: Good news, bad news...

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  • Susan Moore
    I would love a mini pseudo-GBU report!! Thanks...here s to a good draft season and Pats for fall 2011!! ... From: Levine, David To: patriotzip@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 25, 2011
      I would love a mini pseudo-GBU report!!
      Thanks...here's to a good draft season and Pats for fall 2011!!
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      To me the good news is that the Jets are out and both Manning bros are sitting at home as well, but the bad news is that the Steelers are in. Good news is that the da Bears are out, but bad news that the Packers are in--I'm thinking of both teams doing us wrong in past SBs.

      Dave, any GBU analysis this time or is that just reserved for the games that the Pats play?
      Darn, I wish it was us still playing, but here's to a good trade season/draft season and get us going again.

      *** I typically reserve the GBU for Pats games only. I like to take notes during the game so I can remember what I want to say. This past weekend was all about just watching, what turned out to be 2 pretty entertaining games. Glad the Jets lost and that they can no longer mouth off. Didn't really care about the NFC team too much. Rooted for GB as they are the better team and could probably beat either of the AFC teams.

      *** I will, however, put together a mini report from the weekend events and, if you like, I can call it a pseudo-GBU.

      *** Dave

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