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Re: [patriotzip] Was Tom Brady Sick?

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  • Mike Benson
    Nope, not me. I m a Patriot fan, true blue. But I respect any team that beats us in a playoff game. ________________________________ From: Don Diamant
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 24, 2011
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      Nope, not me. I'm a Patriot fan, true blue. But I respect any team that beats us in a playoff game.

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      Mike I know you’re a fair minded sports fan, which must be tough living deep in Jets territory, but you sure like to talk about the Jets.  For the past two seasons it seems like that’s all you want to talk about.  Actually I looked back and it is all you have talked about.  You made your point, the Jets beat us, so how many times do you have to repeat it?  Some people might take it wrong and think you are trying to rub it in our faces. 




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      We lost. No excuses. The Jets were the better team. I'll also add that there were three Patriot fumbles that I know of that could have gone either way and we recovered all of them. Plus the Jets missed an easy field goal. And Welker wasn't benched — he was benched for one series. We did not deserve to win based on our own performance, never mind what the Jets did or didn't do.



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      Subject: [patriotzip] Was Tom Brady Sick?


      I ask this question for two reasons,  one Brady was late for the opening
      introduction of the team.  He always leads the team out of the inflatible
      helmet.  Hoyer was at the front waiting for Brady.  When he did run on the
      field, he just jogged over to the bench and grabbed a football.  There was no
      fire or intensity in his face.  That is so unlike Brady.  Second. he was
      inhaling something from a cup.  Was that Vapo - Rub or smelling salts?  he then
      proceed to blow a big snot ball on national TV.

      My second theory is the Welker benching had a bad effect on the whole team! 
      Could they have been pissed off at the coach for benching Welker and came out
      flat?  Granted the Jets changed things up ... thats to be expected after a 45-3

      Another point is the 5 injury timeouts that the Jets got, all on Defense.  After
      every single one of them, the player took one play off (required) and was right
      back into the game.  When we had guys hurt (Moore and Ninkovich) they were gone
      for the game.  The Jets suceeded in twisting the rules by getting extra time and
      slowing down the Patriots momentum.  The extra long TV timeout at the end of the
      third quarter didn't help either.  That broke up the Patriots momentum and
      resulted in a big play for the Jets right after we  scored our first TD.

      Why was Aaron Hernandez only targeted one time during the game?

      You mean to tell me there was no defensive holding or illegal contact by the
      Jets for the entire game?  I saw one play where Gronkowski was being held off
      the line of scrimmage and no call, then no call on the impeding of Crumpler.

      Very Disappointed.
       Mark Morse
      Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup


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