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RE: [patriotzip] We Are What We Thought We Were

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  • George Richman
    I have no new discoveries on the position needs, Susan. It s all been said. Our pass rush is deplorable! We need push from the outside. One dominating DE,
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 20, 2011
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      I have no “new discoveries” on the position needs, Susan. It’s all been said. Our pass rush is deplorable! We need push from the outside. One dominating DE, and 2 OLB better than what we have. So that’s 3 new players, as I see it. Otherwise, if we resign Ty Warren, I think the DL will be fine. Our LBs in the middle are also OK. When Bodden comes back, I think the secondary will be solid. Of course, a real ball-hawking FS (Polamalu/Reed) would be a great addition, if there’s one available.


      Offensively, I still see a need for a top OLT who can get through a game without at least one False Start, and one whiff on a speed defender. Another guy for the right side (G or RT) wouldn’t hurt either. And there is room for improvement at both WR (big deep threat) and RB (breakaway threat). Wouldn’t hurt to take a flyer on a “steal” QB with a late pick also. Brady is not getting any younger, and we need to get serious about a replacement, unless BB feels that Hoyer is the guy. I’m not sure either way on him.  


      So that’s 9 I’ve named: DE, OLB (2), OLT, RB, WR, RG/T, FS, QB. I’d prioritize them in just about that order; although the OLT would have to be mixed in between #2 and #4, because the good ones don’t last long.


      Here’s my sig, for now. Most important thing on my mind for our game.



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      But you always carry a signature line forward throughout the year, don't you? That's part of what I like seeing in your posts...lol!

      Think of one to inspire us throughout the year or through the draft. Please? I need some inspiration--I'm still kind of feeling low from that loss.

      What do you think we need, position-wise??


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