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Re: [patriotzip] Playoff Opponents

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    I too have been wondering where your excellent GBU post was David. Glad to hear it s absence isn t permanent. Harry
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      I too have been wondering where your excellent GBU post was David. Glad to hear it's absence isn't permanent.


      At 01:40 PM 1/4/2011 -0800, you wrote:

      I was wondering where the GBU column was!! Not much to put in the "U" area, except maybe that certain teams got into the playoffs. We're playing so well right now.
      I agree with your list of "hope-fors" for us to play and I sure hope it does go that way. I wish Indy would be one and done, but we did beat them once this year. Also didn't we also beat Pittsburgh too? I know we beat the Jets once.
      In the NFC, the Seahags probably won't get there, but it would be nice to stick it to them (also that arrogant Carroll).
      Not sure what you mean about Branch and his old team, etc? Also, Peyton with the Bears?
      I hope that Philly is one and done in the NFC because I have a grudge against Vick (probably not right), but I don't see Green Bay as much of a threat. We beat them this season and Chicago too. To me, the NFC just doesn't seem to match up to us at all, Falcons don't look that good either.
      But, I'll go along with your list!!!!!!!!!
      Here's to SB number 4.....GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!
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      Since I was away from email for a week while on vacation, I am just catching up on things. One of the topics that was brought up was who would you want to face.

      In order, the AFC, for me, would be...
      KC - They are by far the weakest team out there so the best chance for a win. The byline of Cassel, Weis, Crennel, Pioli, Vrabel is also very fun for us.
      NYJ - Would like nothing more than to show them what a real team does at the end of the season.
      Bal - I think they are already whining about the game that hasn't been played yet. Would love to shut their mouths
      Pit - They scare me as the next best team in the league. Well balanced and Polamalu is a tremendous player who you have to game plan for.
      Indy - There is no way I want to see them come to NE. I guess too many bad memories of the comebacks. Besides, I hope they lose early to NY.

      If we get to the Super Bowl, here are my NFC thoughts

      Seattle - If we are going to win the big game, I want what is closest to a sure thing as possible. I would like to see Branch light it up against his old club by playing for his old club.
      NO - Probably would be the most exciting game to watch. Always nice to take down the defending champ.
      Chicago - We beat them once, we can do it again. It would be nice to exorcise the demons from the Fridge beating us. (Still bitter that Peyton didn't get the TD. I could have handled that.)
      Atlanta - They are a well balanced team but I have no real desire to really play them. The 2 best records would mean something though.
      Philly - Not that I don't think we would beat them but mobile QBs always seem to give us issues. Vick's running scares me more than anything.
      Green Bay - With a healthy Rogers, they are potentially the best in the NFC. Don't like those hard games. Their lack of a run game is offset by their very physical defense.

      There you have it. We beat KC, NY and Seattle on our way to the 4th title.

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