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RE: [patriotzip] Pats in excellent shape now and for the future

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  • George Richman
    Stuff we all knew, Harry. But I could read such well written summaries of our great team over and over again! Good job!! (But you forgot to include
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      Stuff we all knew, Harry. But I could read such well written summaries of our great team over and over again! Good job!! (But you forgot to include “Kindergarten Defense” in there somewhere!) J



      Patriots - A new decade - A new dynasty! REST, PREPARE, AND KICK ASS ON JAN 23!


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      I think this version of the NE Patriots is the most complete. They are
      talented, deep and adequately to well backed up at every position except
      maybe CB. Any critical rebuilding BB was doing is now done, if in fact
      there was any. Any problems BB was having running the show by himself are
      now in the past. The Pats have a deep, talented, core of players that will
      take them years into the future and 7 draft picks in the first 4 rounds in
      April to shore up any weak spots. There aren't many. A solid back-up for
      Leigh Bodden next year, DL depth, OL depth, a running back or two to
      back-up Woodhead and BJ, a safety maybe, then some projects for the future.
      The youngest defense in the league is quickly becoming one of the best
      again after years of being one of the oldest. The offense has been the
      highlight of this team for years and it just keeps getting better. BB tried
      hypertalented WR Randy Moss but realized it wasn't working and moved on
      picking up a 3rd round pick in the process. The Pats now have a legitimate
      running game, one of the best passing games and arguably the best TE group
      in the league. BB has shown incredible organizational skills to the point
      where losing kickoff man Gostkowski was no big deal as he pulled Shane
      Graham off the street and plugged him in with little drop off in
      production. Graham can't kick them into the EZ like the Ghost can but with
      everything else he filled the bill. When Bodden went down in TC and Butler,
      the promising corner from last year self-destructed early in the season,
      3rd stringer undrafted free-agent Kyle Arrington was enough to keep
      opposing offenses from exploiting that side. But the biggest 'learn' by BB
      that will keep this team strong into the future is his conquering the
      complexities of the entry draft. Since he arrived in NE BB's drafting
      record has been inconsistent at best. Some years he has done well others
      not so much, even poorly, once only one player stayed with the team
      (Merriweather in 2007) but in 2009 that changed. Scoring McCourty,
      Gronkowski, Hernandez, Cunningham, Spikes, Mesko etc. this year was
      brilliant, all of them cracking a tough line-up. In 2009 he took Chung,
      Brace, Butler, Vollmer, Tate, Orhnberger, Pryor, Edelman etc. The closest
      BB has come to that kind of talent acquisition in two consecutive drafts
      was 2002-2003 when he took Graham, Branch, Green and Givens in 2002 and
      Warren, Wilson, Johnson, Samuel, Koppen and Banta-Cain in 2003. In 2008 he
      took Mayo, Whilhite and Slater and not much else but since then BB has
      learned to stockpile draft picks and acquired a knack for trading up in
      value - second rounders for first rounders the following year, thirds for
      seconds etc. When there is nothing that he wants he trades for better picks
      in the future. Always building, always stocking up for the future. Learning
      to stay away from the 'can't miss' hypertalented players like Jackson and
      Maroney was part of it. Learning to calculate how long he can wait on a
      player he likes is another - he likely could have gotten McCourty in the
      second round but didn't wait yet he knew he could gamble Hernandez would
      fall to the 4th round with the Pot rep. I'm not saying BB will pull every
      diamond out of the draft from now on just that he has gotten a lot better
      at getting in position to draft the players he wants and he has gotten
      better at figuring which ones will be successful in the NFL. BB continues
      to pull good propects out of the undrafted pool and free-agency - ala Alge
      Crumpler - but he was always getting better at that.

      Was there actually a time this year when we all were worried about whether
      or not this team would make the playoffs? Seems like a long time ago.


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