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Re: [patriotzip] Contrasts

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  • Ed Bryant
    Interesting topic, but check this out.    In 2007, 2009, and 2010, NE P went to see the Jets in Week Two, and squandered their first half advantage by
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 30, 2010
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      Interesting topic, but check this out. 
      In 2007, 2009, and 2010, NE P went to see the Jets in Week Two, and squandered their first half advantage by scoring not enough points.
      In 2009 and 2010, NE P therefore lost the Jets game when they got outplayed in the second half.
      In 2007, Ellis Hobbs ran the second half kick back 108 yards, and then Randy Moss beat three guys by changing gears several times while running to a spot where Brady's pass awaited him.
      The moral of the story is very counter-intuitive.  Only one of those three teams had to answer stupid questions about being undefeated!!!  All three teams won Game 3, of course, but only the 2010 NE P have a chance to be 14-2.
      (Not that I'm against 15-1.  Give me that much deserved loss to the Ravens, and let's resume 2007 from that point on, and see! )

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      I've thought a lot this year about the 2007 team too. I remember feeling more and more uneasy as the Pats were unable to outscore opponents by the same margins they had earlier in the season as they headed into the playoffs. I'd like to know what Tom Coughlin meant when he said he had figured out how to beat the Pats just before the SB.

      I think this year's team is more versatile and talented offensively than 2007 and I think TB has more energy heading into the playoffs this year. It seemed like the Pats wore down some at the end of the year in 2007. I think the biggest difference between this year and then is the TE's. In 2007 they had Kyle Brady, Macellus Rivers, Ben Watson, David Thomas and Stephen Spach. Of the five only two had offensive stats. Watson had 36 receptions, 389 yds and 6 TD's, Brady had 9 receptions, 70 yds and 2 TD's. This year Crumpler has 5 receptions, 42 yds and a TD, Gronkowski has 36 receptions, 444 yds and 9 TD's and Hernandez has 45 receptions, 563 yds and 5 TD's. Mankins has more experience. He had some rough moments in the SB in 2007, Brady has more experience, Koppen has more experience and the backups are better IMO.

      Defensively the 'kindergarten' defense (I like that phrase George - youngest in the NFL) doesn't match up at all with the likes of Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison, Mike Vrabel, Richard Seymour etc. Wilfork played in 2007 so he has more experience this year and I think I would take McCourty as a rookie over Samuel in 2007. I don't think Samuel showed up well in the playoffs but the rest of the matchups are stacked on the side of the 2007 defense. The thing that intrigues me about the KD is their ability to come up with the big play when necessary. That was a trait of the 2007 defense. If the KD can do it in the playoffs they might be writing their some of their own pages of Patriot history soon.

      The thing that could hurt the 2010 team's chances is injuries. The DL especially hurting and those guys need to be rested so the Pats need to get some of the backups healthy. Moore did a pretty good job last week plugged into the DL but it was a stop-gap measure at best.


      At 08:28 AM 12/29/2010 -0800, you wrote:

      With the playoffs quickly approaching, I've been thinking about the
      contrasts between now and 3 years ago. 2007 was an (im)perfect storm of
      circumstances I doubt we'll ever see again - a brutal mental slog
      through what should have been a joyful unbeaten regular season, much of
      the fun drained out of it by The Rat in week 1 and the subsequent
      merciless beating by all Pats haters. By the time the playoffs arrived
      I was ready for it all to be over, but also completely 100% confident
      that we would all be celebrating the greatest season in league history a
      few weeks later. Ugh.

      I fall into that camp of fans who will forever bear the psychological
      scars from that SB (something I apparently share with the estimable Bob
      Ryan, as he revealed on the radio earlier this week). I suspect a 4th
      title, whether it be this year or some future year, will go a long way
      towards soothing those wounds. But that's besides my main point, which
      is that in contrast to 2007 I can go into these playoffs without the
      burden of crushing expectation as a fan and just enjoy events as they
      unfold. I never expected this regular season to be remotely this
      successful (I was in the "pray for 10-6" mindset) and have enjoyed it
      more than just about any season I can remember. Anything good that
      happens after next Sunday is icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned,
      and a SP win would be the sweetest topping imaginable. But if it
      doesn't happen, it won't detract from how much fun I've had the last 16

      - Rob
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