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Re: [patriotzip] BB tests his defense

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    Are you suggesting that BB gameplaned to have his defense on the field for two thirds of the game?!?! I was. Harrry ... Are you suggesting that BB gameplaned
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 23, 2010
      Are you suggesting that BB gameplaned to have his defense on the field for two thirds of the game?!?!

      I was.


      At 02:20 PM 12/21/2010 -0800, you wrote:

      With a similar time of possession disparity, and with the need for one point or more, not four points or more, Scott Norwood missed wide right, or Bill Belichick's genius game plan, with O.J. Anderson playing the role of Peyton Hillis, would not have been sent to Canton Ohio and the Bills would just be another 1-3 Super Bowl team (OK, the only 1-3 Super Bowl team).
      Had Flynn just said "linemen block and everyone else go long," the Hochuli crew might well have extended the game by another play, and GB might have had a chance for the unanswerable score, but hey: N E needed a game!  The last two were too easy, and the best way to remember how hard it is is to have it be hard in reality, not just in theory. 

      --- On Mon, 12/20/10, Stephen Basile <avatar@...> wrote:

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      Date: Monday, December 20, 2010, 11:55 AM

      I need new fingernails.  I remember blowouts--didn't we used to have blowouts?  :-)

      It was far harder than I expected.  I kept asking "when the hell is Flynn going to start acting like a flustered out-of-his-element green rookie?"  Fortunately, despite an excellent game on a huge national stage on the road, he did make a couple of bad decisions, and learned on the last play that clock management is a skill that takes years to master.  Whew!

      My fave stat courtesy of a post game Patriots Tweet:

      Patriots time of possession (ToP) was just 19:12 (to Green Bay's 40:48). No team in the NFL this year has had less ToP ... AND WON!

      Let's hope this is a bit of a Browns-like wakeup call or kick in the butt for the offense, and hope for some DL recovery, lots of rest before Buffalo and two more wins!

      Steve Basile
      B.D. Riley's Irish Pub
      Austin, TX
      "6th St.  For Grown Ups."
      Web: www.bdrileys.com

      On Dec 20, 2010, at 10:36 AM, George Richman wrote:


      Going into it, I thought that the key issue for the Patriots in this game was the chewed up DL. I still believe that was the case. The Packers have had one of the weakest running attacks in the league; but the Patriots had almost no ability to rotate DLmen, as BB does in every game. Then when Deaderick went down, it was really bad for the big dudes. Wilfork reinforced the belief of all Patriots’ fans that he’s worth every penny they’re paying him! Was there a tackle that he wasn’t a part of?


      On the other side of the ball, this was a very frustrating game. One TD came from Arrington’s INT; and another was set up by that ‘classic’ KR by the graceful speedster, Connelly! J

      Brady did just enough to the 17 additional points to earn the win. He really was outplayed by the kid, Flynn, in this one.


      But, as a team, they managed to put it in the ‘W’ column, and preserve Brady’s streak of wins at home.




      Patriots - A new decade - A new dynasty! BEAT THE BILLS!


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      The Pats didn't play especially well tonight nor did TB but Green Bay did.
      Consequently the offense wasn't on the field too much tonight and the
      defense really got a workout. In the first half they grudgingly gave up a
      number of long drives by GB and a 17-14 lead but as the second half
      proceeded they found ways to limit Matt Flynn's offense enough to win the
      game. Arrington got an interception at a n important juncture. I believe it
      was his first. The defense was without Myron Pryor, Ron Brace, Mike Wright
      and McCourty had sore ribs at best. I thought it was a pretty good effort
      from the youngest defense in the NFL. Generated a lot of film to look at.

      Flynn played well I thought. Came within reach of pulling it out. Tough,
      tenacious game, the kind winning teams find ways to win.

      Dan Connolly got the highlight reel play running back a KR. Made it all the
      way to the five sparking Brady to a TD when the team really needed it. Matt
      Light tried one a little while later and got swarmed.

      Buffalo beat Miami today and will be tough next week at their house.


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