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RE: Branch Acquisition

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  • George Richman
    Well said, Dave. The one thing I believe that we may be overlooking is the thing that made our SB teams so great. That is the fact the teams could NOT game
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      Well said, Dave. The one thing I believe that we may be overlooking is the
      thing that made our SB teams so great. That is the fact the teams could NOT
      game plan for the Patriots, because of the very accurate adage that "Brady's
      favorite receiver is the one that's open". Yes, Moss was, and still is, a
      HOF individual threat. But, as the Giants showed in our last SB appearance,
      and other good defensive teams copied since, if the Patriots (and Brady)
      become a "one threat" team, they can take that one threat away most of the

      I am looking forward to the return of the "hit the open guy" passing game.
      As I said a few hours ago, the simple fact that Brady and Branch have a
      "comfortable" feeling with each other, added to the fact that Brady has that
      same connection with Welker, and appears to be developing with Hernandez, is
      really exciting.

      If we can run a "move the sticks" offense consistently, and keep our young
      defense off the field as much as possible as they develop, we can be a
      serious threat
      by the end of the year. Today, I believe that the Jets (YUCH!) are the most
      complete team in the league. But the "back to the future" offense that
      appears to lie ahead; combined with BB's ability to continue the improvement
      of the D, definitely gives us a chance to be "in the mix" after
      Thanksgiving. If that does happen ... who knows? :-)

      Patriots - A new decade - A new dynasty!

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      I like the move to go get Branch. We are giving up a 2011 4th round pick
      for a proven WR. The pick will be either our own or the one we got from
      Denver for Maroney, whichever is better.

      Adding a veteran is much better than going with another no name. We need
      someone who can be a leader as we got very young with the loss of Moss.
      Edelman, Tate, Price and Slater are all too green to be reliable. Branch
      gives us someone who can read a defense and make the proper adjustment. The
      bonus that he used to be Brady's binky is all the better. They have a week
      to get reacquainted before facing a tough Baltimore D. We don't necessarily
      need a deep threat on this team. We need a bunch of players. Any one of
      them (Hernandez included) can go deep and any one of them can run the
      intermediate stuff. Welker, Edelman and Branch have shown they can run the
      short stuff. That makes us more dangerous overall. I don't want a team to
      focus on one player going long, one going middle and one going short. We
      need them to be interchangeable and we are now that.

      I am still upset that we didn't give Moss a deal to keep him happy and on
      our team. He is a stud and someone who the D has to game plan for. We
      don't have that person on our team. We just have a group of players who
      hopefully can get the job done. I'm sure Branch realizes what a mistake it
      was to leave the Pats when he did. He had nothing going on in Seattle.
      This should help him out quite a bit.


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