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RE: [patriotzip] Re: Moss trade done

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    I had forgotten Jenkins but you are right Ed. Rather than bring someone else in why not take a look at Darnell. He looked good in training camp. Against the
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      I had forgotten Jenkins but you are right Ed. Rather than bring someone else in why not take a look at Darnell. He looked good in training camp. Against the second stringers for the most part but I thought he showed good hands and ran well.

      Looking forward to seeing more of Tate and Price. Price has good size and he's a little stockier than Tate. Haven't seen enough to form an opinion.

      Here is hoping the Pats don't go too deep too often. Brady is so vulnerable when he sets up for a bomb and his accuracy, IMHO, isn't worth it. Keep those long passes around 40-50 yds so TB can step back and fling it instead of waiting and planting for the big heave ho. Like he did to Moss in the Buffalo game on the touchdown in the middle. Had to be a perfect throw and Brady was right on the money.


      At 10:48 AM 10/7/2010 -0700, you wrote:

      I am actively seeking to hire Darnell Number 10 Jenkins back just so Tate can a: continue to run the underneath stuff and b: save his 60 yard sprints for kickoffs when he already has the ball, rather than on spec, which is what Moss did for us.
      Tate YAC is greatly to be desired.  He's bigger than Welker, and faster than both Welker and Hernandez.  Let's get him the ball and let him carry it, and for that, I say someone else go deep! Taylor Price, here's your chance to dress till Jenkins gets here!!!

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      A purely football related question that seems important now is: Should we continue to use Tate on KORs? He’s clearly the ONLY deep threat (or, at this point, potential deep threat) that we have on the team. KORs are among the most dangerous jobs on the field. Can we afford to risk a player who is as important to our offense as Tate will (we hope) now become? Are we better off with Slater, Price, or even Edelman back there now?


      Then again, we’re still using Welker on PRs.


      I’ll be surprised if BB does change it. He tends to just fill each position with the player who performs best at that position. Pretty difficult to argue against that strategy, and support a “running scared” strategy in its place, I suppose.


      Just putting it out there as food for thought. Personally, I’d go with Tate continuing as KOR guy. Anybody disagree?



      Patriots - A new decade - A new dynasty!


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      I agree. Watching the end of the Miami game again it looked to me like Moss knew he was leaving. He was the only player who wouldn't look BB in the eye when he was shaking hands all around. I think most if not all of the team knew he was going and a conscious decision had been made to move on and it was a relief which was part of the reason why BB and TB were so happy at the end of the the game and why Moss was the only player not celebrating.

      The Randy Moss experiment didn't work out. I think Moss gave it his best shot just like Maroney did but it didn't work out and I'm glad the Pats are cutting their losses and moving on. I wish Randy Moss the best but I think I am going to hear and read plenty of stories about how disruptive he had become to the Pats in the next year or so. I thought his speech after the Cinncinatti game was at best selfish and poorly timed as well as very revealing and typically Randy Moss. Now I find out a couple of days after his plea to stay he asked to be traded. That is called 'two faced' where I grew up. The team doesn't need that and never had to put up with it when they were winning all those SB's. Whatever Randy Moss brought on the field with his physical talent he took away more with his immaturity.

      As for opposing defensive coordinators they will still have plenty to be concerned about with Welker, Tate, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Edelman, Woodhead etc. So now Tate will get the most attention - if they can catch him. I was pretty impressed by how he drew away from some pretty fast Miami defenders on his return for TD.


      At 10:27 AM 10/6/2010 -0400, you wrote:


      I feel that he was bringing down the team, behaving badly.  And before it got out of control, they snuffed it!  He is gone because they felt that he was hurting the Patriots over all game plan!  It is a shame that he did not grow up enough to deal with his situation.  The only thing that concerns me is that he got attention from Defensive Coordinators.  Now... we don't have that distraction!


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      According to a new Reiss blog post, any compensatory pick
      would be in 2012 and would be no better than a 5th rounder
      because Moss has 10 accrued seasons in.

      So when you combine it all they traded Moss and a 2012 5th round
      pick for a 2011 3rd round pick.

      So definitely non-zero value but I still don't like it
      unless there were behind the scenes negatives we don't
      know about.

      Rich Carreiro rlcarr@...

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