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RE: [patriotzip] Newsflash - We Need a Pass Rush

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  • George Richman
    I definitely agree with you that the team came out flat, Randy. It s useless for me to speculate on reasons for it; but it was clear. I will give them one tiny
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 27, 2010

      I definitely agree with you that the team came out flat, Randy. It’s useless for me to speculate on reasons for it; but it was clear.


      I will give them one tiny bit of slack. Many of the passes that Bradford hit were completions because they were right on target. Yes, he usually had plenty of time, due to our anemic pass rush. Still, he was very sharp. I think the Rams got a good one for their future. Not that I give a damn; but that’s how I see it after what he did last night.


      I remain confident the offense will be very productive and exciting this season. But I fear that there will be more games than I want to acknowledge in which their production will simply not be enough to overcome what our truly mediocre defense will give up.



      Patriots - A new decade - A new dynasty!


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      I'm curious how much we did actually blitz last night, it seemed like we sent folks fairly often just not with enough
      speed to the QB or overall effectiveness.

      I think coming into this season one of the major concerns was pass rush and the OLB position in general. This defense
      is most effective when it has a younger slightly faster Vrabel type getting after the QB on opportune moments. They
      didn't really ahve such all of last season and I do not think it is vastly improved. Julius Peppers was thought a
      potential free agent answer but he's not lighting it up this pre-season either. Tully has some potential but is just
      returned and made more mental errors than good plays yesterday. Cunninham has been injured and missing far too much to
      emerge very early this season. Ultimately it is likely to be one of our challenged points.

      Is it me or is Butler really struggling this pre-season? I see McCordy as the better option out there even though he's
      clearly still a raw rookie. Wilhite has totally lost my confidence and Wheatley never had my confidence. The team has
      some serious challenges on defense and despite a good start against New Orleans and Atlanta, this was a bad game for

      I wonder at something Zolak mentioned. He suggested that the four days of practice against each of the prior opponents
      might have made our generally intelligent team better able to prepare. I actually saw this more as a matter of the team
      playing flat emotionally and physically. That doesn't excuse them but it also makes me think some of this might be an
      anomoly regarding how badly they played. It's a great lesson on the needed value of intensity...and intelligent
      intensity not the 3 Roughing the passer plays for free first downs - not the three defensive holding for more first
      downs. They made untimely mistakes around a flat performance and got the result which probably is a great lesson for
      the whole team. We won't learn much next week but on September 12 we will since TO, Chad Johnson and Carston Palmer
      will make this defense work a bit.

      Go Pats!

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