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  • George Richman
    (TheHuddle ) San Diego Chargers WR Vincent
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2010
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      (TheHuddle) San Diego Chargers WR Vincent Jackson is indeed available for trade, according to Kevin Acee, of the San Diego Union-Tribune. If the Chargers pull the trigger on a Jackson deal it would likely be in October.

      Analysis: There are plenty of obstacles to a Jackson trade: his pending suspension, his desire for a new contract, and the Chargers' wish to get something of value in return. However, come October Jackson may be getting the itch to play (or at least get inked in time to earn credit for this season so he can become a UFA next year) and a contending team may be willing to pay more for a talented player.

      OK. Here’s a kid who is clearly a potential All-Pro caliber WR. Big, strong, fast, and young. Had a knock on his hands early; but seems to have fixed that. We all know that Randy can’t go on forever. (Though it’s hard to see any slippage yet!) How good are our kids? We don’t know yet.


      The negative is the money issue. Isn’t it always? Will Jackson’s demands fit into the Patriots budget limits? Would Jackson back off a bit to play for the Patriots? We can’t know the answers to those questions. But it does make for some interesting speculation, and exchange of opinions, doesn’t it?


      My position, without the answers to those key questions, is that, in terms of talent, I’d love to have him in a Patriots uniform! (Yes, of course I mean “for the right price”.)



      Patriots - A new decade - A new dynasty!


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