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RE: [patriotzip] Re: Do You Believe?

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  • Rob Bosch
    I agree that Ricky s running style gives us a better chance. I must admit, however, that Ricky does not look like the same plodder he was when he was with the
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2002
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      I agree that Ricky's running style gives us a better chance. I must admit,
      however, that Ricky does not look like the same plodder he was when he was
      with the Saints. The guy is definitely more explosive. But in the end he is
      not as shifty as Holmes or Tomlinson, and the Pats do better against the
      more "straight ahead" type runners.

      I do think the Pats will start fixing the problem they have had against the
      run starting with this game. I do not think they will shut Ricky down...but
      I do think they will hold him to between 80 to 100 yards. Randy McMichael
      and Chris Chambers must also be accounted for...big time. Unfortunately
      McMichael is playing the way I hoped Graham would...and he didn't cost the
      Dolphins a first round pick. I just worry that the Pats will be so consumed
      with stopping the run...especially the secondary...and that this will cause
      big passing plays down the field. Robert Conrad has also become a bigger
      part of the Dolphin's game plan under Norv Turner, and he must be accounted
      for out in the flat.

      I think the Pats will once again move the ball. Now having Troy Brown back
      would be big. I figure that Surtain is going to play in this game, and that
      gives the Dolphins two excellent corners (he and Madison). The Dolphins have
      big time problems after that, and this is where Deion Branch will come in
      handy. I figure that either he or Patten might have a big game, because the
      Dolphins will focus on Brown if he plays. Donald Hayes might even figure
      into this equation. Bottom line is that even though some of us have been a
      little critical of the Pats pass happy ways, I don't see it changing this
      game. Did you see what the Dolphins did to Priest Holmes? Besides one big
      run he did nothing against them, and I can't see Antowain ripping off big
      runs either. It's going to be "air Brady" again ladies and gentlemen. In
      this case I think it's the right thing to do.

      In the end, I definitely think the Pats can win this game. I think my
      biggest fear is that the Dolphins know that the Pats are going to sell out
      to stop the run, and that this might be used against them. If the Pats lose
      I have a feeling that we will be moaning about McMichael or Chambers, and
      not Ricky Williams. But I do see the Pats moving the ball and scoring, and
      this is something that historically the Pats have not been able to do
      against the Dolphins. It is the fact that the Pats offense has become so
      potent that gives me a lot of hope. I can't wait for Sunday to see how it
      all plays out.

      -Pats Freak

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      > In the immortal words of a certain coach with a fish moniker:
      > "Give me a break with that dumb a$$ question!" I believe each and
      > every game. Certainly we are capable although not by playing in a
      > similar fashion to last week. The team needs a mental and physical
      > change of momentum and I trust the coaching staff and players to find
      > it within themselves.
      > Add to this the detail of Ricky's running style. He doesn't run like
      > either Priest or Tomlinson. He runs in the style we are more adept
      > at neutralizing. Honestly I fear their Tight Ends far more than
      > their running backs. Either way I know in my heart our team will be
      > victorious and I can find more than sufficient reasons in my head to
      > justify how it will be so.
      > Go Pats!
      > Zip'
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