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RE: [patriotzip] Draft opinions?

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  • Machado.Nicholas
    Thank you Sean. If he does as well as the other guy on the team with the famous cousin the Pats should have a solid addition to the LB corp. Harry At 02:58 PM
    Message 1 of 15 , Apr 28, 2010
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      Thank you Sean. If he does as well as the other guy on the team with the famous cousin the Pats should have a solid addition to the LB corp.


      At 02:58 PM 4/28/2010 -0700, you wrote:

      Brenden Spikes is Takeo Spikes cousin

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      Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 3:46 PM


      Hey George,

      Yeah, I find myself watching less and less television programing as the years go by. Even the few decent shows are so clogged with commercials I usually pass.

      I liked the film I saw of the two new LB's. Do you know if Spikes is related to Takeo Spikes? Saw plenty of pass rush out of Cunningham in the film. Bronkowski looks like he could be a monster and Hernandez is supposed to be and looked even better as a receiver. Finally drafted a WR who was over 5ft something. Liked what I read aboutIn fact all the picks look good but that is generally how I feel every year. The thing I liked that was different this year was the emphasis on picking players with leadership qualities and experience which I feel was likely the biggest problem last year. With Wilfork saying he intended to step up that part of his game the team will hopefully regain some of the tenacity that has been lacking since Harrison, Bruschi and Seymour left.

      This is the link to some film of the new picks in case anyone missed it;   http://www.boston. com/sports/ football/ patriots/ extra_points/ 2010/04/heres_ your_visu. html


      At 03:08 PM 4/28/2010 +0700, you wrote:

      Yeah, I could have made a fortune in TV; but my conscience just wouldn t allow it! How do those people sleep at night throwing such crap at the American public? J


      Oh well. At least we can sleep well for the next couple of months, waiting to see if our mostly optimistic feelings about this year s Draft are justified. I think we may have done quite a bit to improve STs, with the addition of what appears to be an outstanding punter (needed one for years!), and a promising KR. Add to that a WR with potential; the 2 highly rated TE s, to hopefully put that position back into our game plans; and some promising help for what was a below average D last year in McCourty at CB, Cunningham at DE/OLB, and Spikes at ILB. Not to mention the veterans added via FA (so far). Overall, I see good reason for optimism.




      Patriots - A new decade - A new dynasty!


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      Good going George. You know how many people lurk this list? Now I have that to look forward to. They'll probably find a way to tie it in with "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" or "American Idol". Drat!


      At 10:31 AM 4/27/2010 +0700, you wrote:

      Sure, why not make it a prime time Reality Show . Each week, beginning right after the Super Bowl, they have a one hour show, with 18 picks each week, surrounded by of highlights of the football careers and home life of each player picked. A regular weekly Blind Side movie. The show could run for 12 weeks, cover all the picks, and keep the NFL on prime time TV all the way into May!

      (Please don t NFL management see this. They might actually do it!)



      Patriots - A new decade - A new dynasty!


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       I also like Gronkowski, have head good things about him. Maybe they didn't want to take Clausen or McCoy because of the money they'd have to pay? The one they picked could end up on that practice squad?

      I heard that they might split the draft between two cities in the future? That would also seem to drag it out longer too.

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      From: Stephen Basile

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      Subject: Re: [patriotzip] Draft opinions?



      Every year, no matter how much I yell at the TV, BB seems to ignore me and pick the players HE seems to think are best for the team (and this year I was yelling really loudly).  I swear I don't know how this team gets by without me (or Pete Carroll) on Draft Day.


      The picks are often confounding (another corner?) sometimes perplexing (no QB till the 7th, even as a project? no defensive line help early?  no Sergio Kindle, no Dez Bryant?) but ultimately things  seem to work out when I have had a beer and moved away from the TV till about July.


      I like the giant of a TE we got (Gronkowski, who apparently comes with his own gravitational pull), and since we added our 19th CB (I think :-) if I was Springs or Wheatley I'd be thinking about a new line of work (or at least another team)


      I think Bryant would have been a good choice at WR, and think he could learn to bring his shoes to practice and avoid rules violations in NE.  I would have liked to see us pick up Colt McCoy as a real backup QB, or even Clausen, since both came a lot more cheaply than Mel Kiper would have had us think.  I don't see the sack leader/pass rusher I want yet, but I guess Bill deserves another year at the helm.


      Ready for some football!




      PS: Worst televised event ever.  Round 1 by itself on one day is a HORRIBLE idea, like watching paint dry, especially if you are a Pats fan.  A televised draft is a stretch period, but at least with 3 rounds at once it gets over quickly.



      Steve Basile


      B.D. Riley's Irish Pub

      Austin, TX

      Official Home: Austin Patriots Club

      Web: www.bdrileys. com

      On Apr 25, 2010, at 2:12 PM, Susan Moore wrote:



      What does everyone think of the draft picks?We took more players than I thought we would, but it seems as though (on paper at least) we got some good choices.

      I'm most excited about Weston, Hernandez, and Dedearick.

      Why did we take a QB--is it something that we just do to see how they are as a backup?

      Pete Carroll is such a jerk...he was saying that the Patriots (and the Jets) would have been SO much better when he "coached" if he had been given free-reign of the draft choices.



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