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  • Mark Morse
    ... Pick #22 Demaryous Thomas for #27 - Devin McCourty (#24), #90 - Taylor Price (#75) and #113- Aaron Hernandez (#53)?  The number in the parentheses is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2010
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      ... Pick #22 Demaryous Thomas for #27 - Devin McCourty (#24), #90 - Taylor Price (#75) and #113- Aaron Hernandez (#53)?  The number in the parentheses is the rank assigned by Rich Gosselin in his top 100 ranking.

      Or what about last year passing on Clay Matthews for a return of Darius Butler, Brandon Tate, Julian Edelman and 97% of Rob Gronkowski (we traded up to get Gronk)!

      Better yet ... Trading pick #89 last year for a 2nd round this year that netted Brandon Spikes, Zoltan Mesko, and pick #89 this year which became Carolina's 2nd round pick next year (can't be worse than #64).  A panic move by a coach and GM that are desperately fighting for their jobs this year!

      I have been hard on this draft, partly because the Pats didn't draft a DT in a heavy DT draft.  BB kept the signing of Gerard Warren quiet (so he wouldn't tip off his competitors).  He had that in his back pocket the entire three days.  Brilliant.  His trades were sometimes brilliant.  I am disappointed they selected a TE so early, especially since they do not utilize a TE in the offense.  Should we anticipate a shift in offense philosophy?  Ball control with a tougher, lets ground and pound.  Less 3 WR Sets, more 2 and 3 TE sets, with the ability to flex Hernandez into a slot reciever (huge matchup problems). 

      As I said earlier with my predicted surprise selection of Sean Weatherspoon to play ILB (he would have been another 4 down player!) the Pats needed another ILB.  I don't think Spikes will be able to cut it with his lack of speed.  I am already sick of the comparisons to Tedy Bruschi.  Bruschi was the NCAA leader in sacks.  Spikes isn't even close to being the player Bruschi was. 

      I think BB is too close to his coaching buddies and over values these players.  Cunningham may turn out to be a very good pick.  He blew out a quad during his Pro Day (4.92) 40 yard dash.  He didn't participate in any of the drills at the combine because of shoulder surgery, so his Pro Day was huge for him.  I went back to look at his 10 yard split which indicates expolsiveness.  His 1.60 was better than all but a few DE/LB at the combine.  His was .01 behind DE Jerry Hughes (TCU).  He had 19.5 career sacks at Florida in the most competitive conference (Same as Carlos Dunlap).  There is hope.  He was a former captain of Florida (2008).  Oh and another tidbit about Cunnigham, he finished all the remaining drills at the Pro Day despite the Quad injury!   BB personally grilled him and Spikes together the day after the Florida Pro Day.
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